The rise of the Multiculturalist Police State

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There are a plethora of videos on the internet of police abusing their powers, acting like Soviet commissars, bullying civilians, and throwing their weight around unnecessarily. These videos are not about police arresting robbers, rapists, bashers, or murderers, but are inevitably about cops targetting people over some technical issue, or even harassing citizens so much that they arc up and shout back, and then they can be arrested on some trumped-up charge, like “disturbing the peace”.

The Covid-19 situation has provided ego-driven cops with a lot of possible ways for throwing their weight around and has given them a wide range of opportunities to order people about. The internal culture of Western police forces has dramatically changed, especially in certain areas of the Anglosphere (e.g. Australia, Canada, England, and the USA). However, there are reasons for this change in police culture; it’s not the war on drugs, but rather the changing landscape of the Establishment’s political attitudes — changes which have comes about with the ongoing implementation and enforcement of the Great Replacement.

In various Western countries, the Establishment has forced Multiculturalism and Third World immigration upon white populations, but there has been a lot of resistance to these key elements of the Great Replacement, so the Establishment has brought in Thought Crime laws (such as “racial vilification” laws and “religious vilification” laws), as well as political trials (run by Orwellian-named “Human Rights” organisations), backed up by political spin-doctoring which describes resistance to the Establishment’s social changes, and any opposition to the resulting street-level realities of those changes, as “hate speech”.

Multiculturalism and Third World immigration destroy the social fabric of a nation; therefore, to enforce Multiculturalism, and to silence white dissent, the Establishment inevitably develops an authoritarian culture; in turn, this invariably leads to a Police State (or something near enough to it).

There’s a good reason why police, in recent years, have become more antagonistic, authoritarian, and bullying towards the general public — the escalation of police overreach and abuse of power is a direct consequence of the authoritarian mindset that accompanies the linked ideologies of Cultural Marxism, Multiculturalism, and Political Correctness.

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As a minor example, we can look at a recent video from Canada.

In the video, it is reported that Canadian police have arrested a man for skating outside (one would guess that it’s something to do with the Covid-19 regulations), but the cops don’t just try to arrest him, but demand that he gets down onto the ground (on the ice, in the snowy mush). The victim doesn’t fight them, but nor does he willingly comply; he refuses to go down on his knees. He didn’t fight the law and the law won (however, if he had fought them, he’d probably have ended up serving a few years in jail).

In the YouTube comments section of the video, there is a comment of interest:

“There are three kinds of people in all this: The first type fight. The second group support those who fight. The third group do nothing and allow this all to progress (regress) further. Let us not be the third type.”

The time is coming for people to make a choice about how they are going to handle police authoritarianism, political oppression, social devastation, national destruction, and racial genocide. Our people need to wake up to the threats that face us, and take action. If it doesn’t happen soon, then there will be too few of us left, and then it will be too late; but, of course, that how the Establishment has envisioned the situation from the start.

As a people, we must wake up or die!

Tyrannical cops arrest man for skating outside in Calgary, Canada!, Olin Live (YouTube account), 19 December 2020

Update: Within 40 minutes of posting this article, the video was deleted from YouTube, with the embedded message “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines”.
The YouTube thought police are hard at work.
Hopefully the video will be reposted to a better platform, such as BitChute or Gab.

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