The Establishment vs. Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Russell Brand

As most politically-aware people already know, Russell Brand broke away from the mainstream media’s talking points, and began to question the Establishment’s narratives. So now he is being accused of inappropriate behaviour from decades ago — what a coincidence. It almost goes without saying, that Mr. Brand strenuously denies the allegations.

When Russell Brand was regarded as being firmly on the Left, he was treated as quirky and fun — but now, since he has moved away from the mainstream Left’s agenda, he is regarded as dangerous and awful.

Now the big Leftist-dominated corporations are attacking and censoring Brand and/or his work.

YouTube have demonetised Brand’s channel, so that he cannot make money from advertising. At this stage, YouTube haven’t wiped his videos from their platform — but that is something that they could do in the future. However, removing all of Brand’s content would be deleting a major drawcard for YouTube — so, by demonetising his account, they can use his videos to attract people to YouTube, and then move them on to other channels with their advertised “recommendations” — using this tactic, YouTube can economically attack Brand, whilst still using his work to attract more and more viewers.

The BBC has even censored an episode of “QI” which featured him. Various Russell Brand content hosted by the BBC have now disappeared down an Orwellian memory hole.

A BBC spokesperson said “The BBC does not ban or remove content when it is a matter of public record, unless we have justification for doing so” — well, considering that the Leftist-dominated BBC could easily find a so-called “justification” for banning any show, their statement doesn’t really mean much, apart from being a PR smokescreen. It’s just an excuse for the BBC hounds, like the Leftist mad dogs that they are, to turn against Brand, snapping and snarling at his dastardliness in not sticking to the mainstream Leftist agenda.

This is the true face of the Left — they are authoritarian, against free speech, and always ready to try to destroy anyone who is not a Leftist (they especially hate those who have “left the fold”, and so will happily vilify anybody who was once considered to be “one of their own”).

An ABC article says “Brand has put himself forward as a man of the people. Once upon a time, he used his profile to take aim at society’s elite, but somewhere along the line he drifted right.” What the ABC writer doesn’t seem to realise is that Brand is still taking aim at “society’s elite”, because those who are anti-Western and pro-globalist are the “elite” who are now running the Establishment.

It’s doubtful that it’s a coincidence that these allegations against Russell Brand have only surfaced after he stopped being a darling of the Left. The attacks upon Russell Brand seem more likely to be related to political posturing and political vengeance than anything else.

Once again, the Left have demonstrated that they cannot be trusted in positions of power — because, given the opportunity, they will invariably misuse any authority or power that they have against their political opponents or political dissidents. Banning media content merely because of allegations without proof is ridiculous.

The demonisation and denigration of those who attack the cosmopolitan Establishment, in any area, will continue to be carried out. The globalists, cosmopolitans, Cultural Marxists, Communists, Cuckservatives, and the politically-correct are all hell-bent on destroying Western society, and will try to steamroll anyone who gets in their way. It’s up to the rest of us to support those who are being attacked.

The decline of the West is long-term and multi-faceted process — a “death by a thousand cuts” — and we must respond by applying a thousand bandages (as well as striking back in self-defence).

It is important for us to defend the victims of the anti-Western elite, even if those victims aren’t 100% on side with us. We need millions of political soldiers to take on the Establishment, and we would be mad if we didn’t align with (or assist or support) millions of other allies who are willing to attack the Establishment on a variety of fronts.

Every cut delivered against the socio-political elites is a blow in our favour, and that is why we should support people like Russell Brand, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, etc.; let these “allies” shoulder a lot of the work, battle overwhelming odds, and take casualties in the Cultural War against the anti-Western elite — we have to participate in the same struggle, and suffer our own casualties, and we would be stupid if we wanted just our political soldiers to be the only ones to fight and take flak. It’s a major war that we are engaged in, and we need to spread the load.

So, even if you don’t agree with everything Russell Brand stands for, it’s still worthwhile to publicly support him in his fight against the anti-Western Establishment. It’s going to be a long war, and we’re going to need all of the allies that we can get.

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