The Voice, media propaganda, and the continuing fight

In those Western countries which are now culturally Leftist-dominated, non-white native peoples are venerated, almost with a religious fervour. Whether it’s the Aborigines of Australia, the Red Indians of America, or the Eskimos of the Arctic circle, etc., they are worshipped by the indoctrinated as “Noble Savages” who are oh so very wise and environmentally savvy (despite any indications to the contrary).

Therefore it is somewhat surprising that the preliminary voting results of the 2023 Australian referendum show that the Australian people have delivered a resounding “No” deathblow to the concept. The vote was about whether or not to attach an Aboriginal stronghold to the nation’s parliament (the propaganda term used was “Aboriginal Voice to Parliament”).

However, it should be noted that the “No” campaigners very successfully promoted those Aborigines who were saying “No” to the referendum — with images of the Aboriginal naysayers plastered all over the “No” campaign’s advertising. So, it may not be that Australian voters were voting for white interests, but rather that they felt morally enabled to vote “No” because they could consider themselves to be on the side of Aboriginal interests. Deliberately or not, the “No” campaigners showed that they understood the mentality of the brainwashed masses, and helped them to “morally” vote “No”.

Various corporations and media outlets campaigned hard for the “Yes” vote. The media’s propaganda was overwhelmingly pushing the “Yes” vote, even though they failed in their manipulative machinations.

The front pages of three Australian mainstream newspapers on the day of the Voice referendum

As an example of media propaganda, we can look at the front pages of three mainstream Australian newspapers published on the morning of the vote:

The Sydney Morning Herald went all out, saying “Day to raise your Voice”, along with article titles “In a week of hate, choose hope and healing”, and “We have nothing to fear from voting Yes”. Wow! They really didn’t try to hide their bias, did they?

In Melbourne, The Age tried to pull on our emotional heartstrings, with a picture of two Aboriginal toddlers, with the pleading headline “Their future in your hands”, with article titles “Remove the anger from your heart or this gap between us will never be healed” and “As hate reigns, say Yes for hope”. Just like the SMH, there was simply no pretence at being even-handed; it was just full-on propaganda.

In stark contrast, the front page of the Herald Sun showed two equal-sized photos of Yes and No politicians, along with an unbiased headline: “Decision day: As Australians vote on the Voice referendum, both sides issue a final plea for support”. This was neutral coverage, which is what all non-partisan media outlets should provide.

Corporations infected by Cultural Marxists and Cuckservatives spent big-time on funding the “Yes” vote; this was a great move for the virtue-signalling executives, but not so much for the shareholders, as companies were wasting millions of dollars on political issues unrelated to their corporate well-being. Basically, it was a case of anti-white corporate activists using (in effect, stealing) millions of dollars from companies to fund their own personal political agendas.

The vote for “The Voice” is over; however, it won’t really change things too much. The anti-white brigades will just pick up from where they left off, carrying out their usual anti-white machinations — giving priority to non-white immigrants and Aborigines over the nation-creating white Australian population. The end goal of the Antis is still the destruction of all white nations, using the Great Replacement to create their perceived multiracial utopia (in reality, a multiracial hellhole).

We must not be overly-distracted by the issue of “The Voice”, as it is merely one arrow in the quiver of the multiculturalists and multiracialists (although, to be sure, it was not a fight that we would want them to win). The bigger war is still ongoing, and we need to win it, or else our entire people will be lost from the face of the earth forever.

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