The Deep State versus Donald Trump in New York

Deep State Swamp, by Ben Garrison

A cutting cartoon about the Deep State, by the very talented Ben Garrison

The politicisation and weaponisation of legal systems in countries ruled by Leftist regimes is becoming more and more blatant. The outrageous lawfare being conducted against Donald Trump is a prime example, whilst the lenient treatment of Hunter Biden is another.

With the current prosecution of Trump in New York, what we have is a politically-motivated case, initiated by a Leftist Attorney General, who is a member of the (Leftist) Democratic Party, and which is being overseen by a Leftist judge, who has funded the (Leftist) Democratic Party, in a trial which involves no jury.

Leftist bias in the mainstream media

The political bias of the mainstream media in their lack of reporting on the politically-motivated nature of the lawfare of the Legal Establishment (part of the Deep State, or Political Swamp) is a very troubling aspect of the decline of Western morality. The mainstream media’s bias against Trump has been constant and ongoing; this should be no surprise, as the mainstream media is dominated by Leftists (with a few Cuckservatives thrown into the mix).

Key words are indicators of bias in the mainstream media. For example, an article from the New York Post, regarding the Leftist judge Arthur Engoron versus Donald Trump, describes Trump speaking by using the negatively-loaded terms “rant” and “rambled” — whereas a positive description for the same would have used terms like “spoke passionately” and “vented”, whilst a neutral description would be “spoke” or “said”.[1]

An ABC News article has used the terms “even-keeled”, “reliable”, “excellence and integrity” and “levelheaded” to describe judge Engoron, in an apparent attempt to deflect criticism of the Leftist judge being politically-biased. The ABC article also said that “The former president has also been fundraising off his claims that the case is politically motivated.”[2]

The highly important information about Engoron being a Leftist is to be found near the end of the ABC News article: “Like most judges in New York, Engoron has run unopposed in his races within the Democratic Party, which uses a delegate primary convention system controlled by party leadership to nominate judges for generally unopposed elections.” In contrast, the New York Post article didn’t even mention that Engoron is a part of the Democratic Party’s machine.[3]

The New York Times referred to the judge in a cutesy kind of way, saying he is “a fan of puns and pop culture” — and then described him as “independent and thoughtful — if somewhat quirky”. The aim to validate this Leftist judge is obvious.[4]

Arthur Engoron, the (Leftist) judge

Leftist judge Arthur Engoron

Business Insider says Arthur Engoron has “described himself as a free-speech absolutist and said he’s been a member of the American Civil Liberties Union since 1994”. Yet this supposed “free-speech absolutist” made a court ruling that Trump was not allowed to make comments about Engoron’s staff — after Trump posted a photo on his social media of Engoron’s law clerk posing with Chuck Schumer, who is the chairman of the (Leftist) Democratic Party caucus in the US Senate. Restricting Trump’s Constitutional right to freedom of speech, Engoron said “Consider this a gag order on all parties with respect to posting or publicly speaking about any member of my staff”. Heaven forbid that the public find out that the Leftist judge has a Leftist staff.[5]

News articles have said that Arthur Engoron has been a music teacher (education is a Leftist-dominated industry) and a drummer (music is a Leftist-dominated industry), so he fits in well with the Leftist stereotype.[6]

Considering that the Left have described Trump as a “Fascist” and a “Nazi”, and have said that “Trump is literally Hitler”, it would not be appropriate for a Leftist judge of Jewish background to oversee Trump’s trial, due to obvious concerns over potential bias or perceived impartiality (Arthur Engoron’s physiognomy is Jewish; and, according to one source, Engoron is a surname “that is of Hebrew origin and means strength”). To be fair and ethical, Engoron should have recused himself from the trial.[7]

Fox News has revealed the judge’s political leanings, reporting that “Engoron, meanwhile, has shown support for Democrats with his checkbook in the past. Engoron has given more than $5,000 to Democrats over the past 25 years … his most recent donation from 2018 went to Manhattan Democrats. The money has also gone to Democrat candidates such as former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, former Gov. David Paterson and other state lawmakers”.[8]

NBC New York has confirmed that the judge is a Leftist, saying “Engoron, a Democrat, has ruled repeatedly against Trump in the three years he’s been presiding over James’ lawsuit”, and also revealed that the judge participated in the Vietnam War protests (which were dominated by Radical Leftists).[9]

Letitia James, the (Leftist) Attorney General

Leftist politician Letitia James, the New York State Attorney General

The origin of this particular trial lies with Letitia James, the New York State Attorney General, who filed a civil lawsuit against Donald Trump, accusing him of over-inflating the worth of his New York properties. It should be noted that it isn’t the banks or investors who are going after Trump, but his political enemies. Letitia James is a well-known African-American political activist, a member of the (Leftist) Democratic Party, and a politician (she was a member of the New York City Council, 2004-2013; became NY Attorney General in 2019; campaigned to be Governor of New York in 2021, but then withdrew, to seek re-election as Attorney General).[10]

During her 2018 election campaigning, Letitia James said she wanted to target Donald Trump, saying “I will never be afraid to challenge this illegitimate President”; “He should be charged with obstructing justice”; “I believe that the President of these United States can be indicted for criminal offences”; “I will be shining a bright light into every dark corner of his real estate dealings, and every dealing”. It looks like she was looking for any sort of supposed crime that she could use against Trump; she wasn’t looking for a man who committed a crime, she was looking for a crime to fit a man.[11]

This affair brings to mind the maxim attributed to Lavrentiy Beria, the head of Stalin’s secret police, who boasted “Show me the man, and I will find you the crime”. In a Breitbart article, Dr. Sebastian Gorka quoted Beria’s statement, and said “We have arrived that point in America”. Unfortunately, Gorka is not wrong.[12]

The fact is that there are so many technical laws on the books in the USA, that it has been estimated that the average American professional commits three felonies a day; even if the estimate is an exaggeration, the same principle applies, in that many people, especially those involved with businesses (and all of the connected rules and regulations) can inadvertently and unknowingly commit crimes, especially regarding “grey area laws” which are written with such vague terminology that they may be widely applied to all sorts of people (this also occurs in most, if not all, countries of the world). This means that almost any public figure can be investigated or closely watched by a politically-motivated Attorney General or police officer and then be charged with some technical offence that most people wouldn’t even have known was a crime; or a mentally-unstable or fixated person could be used, if they were willing to accuse the public figure of a crime, especially on a “she said, he said” basis with no concrete proof. Any police officer, prosecutor, or Attorney General can arrange for a public figure to be fitted up with a crime. Indeed, any police officer, prosecutor, or legally-involved public official who is an officious or horrible person can damage or destroy many a citizen’s life — if you read “Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent” (by Harvey Silverglate) or “You Have the Right to Remain Innocent” (by James Duane), you will find out that nasty, officious, small-minded, and incompetent public officials have destroyed the lives of many Americans with wanton callousness. Investigations carried out by John Stossel (journalist), John H. Bryan (the Civil Rights Lawyer), and the Institute for Justice have shown such cases, as well as other government abuses of power. And that is just regarding public officials being horrible people in general, let alone those officials who target citizens for political reasons.[13]

Considering the statements made by Letitia James in her political campaigning about wanting to target Trump, her current legal prosecution against him smells of political bias, if not prosecutorial misconduct. It may be that it is Letitia James who should be charged — for abusing the power of her political office.

The media, rather than describing Letitia James as politically-biased or politically-corrupt, bestowed upon her accolades such as “fearless”, and talked about her “latest joust with a powerful foe” (as though she is some kind of underdog, rather than a politician who is in a well-funded public position who is conducting a witch-hunt for political reasons).[14]

Letitia James, who has used her state-funded position of power to bully, harass, and financially damage her political enemy (Donald Trump), in an amazing display of chutzpah, in response to Trump publicly complaining about her political bias and misuse of her position, declared “I will not be bullied”. Wow, what a hypocrite.[15]

Legal shenanigans and show trials

Some comments regarding the lawfare conducted against Donald Trump

There is a widespread realisation amongst many that the persecution of Trump is motivated by politics. The obvious bias of the legal shenanigans being conducted against Trump has motivated some voters to support him; however, it is also likely that some voters will withdraw their support because they naively think that the legal system is all above board, and will therefore think that they shouldn’t support a politician who has been accused or convicted by the legal system.

It is fair and reasonable to say that the prosecution of Trump is politically-motivated. His trial features a committed Leftist judge and no jury. Indeed, this whole affair smells more like a Soviet show trial than a trial for truth and justice. The political lawfare being conducted against Donald Trump makes the USA look like some kind of backward Third World banana republic, and it is indicative of the decline of Western morality, and of the untrustworthiness of Leftists in general.

The lawfare conducted against Conservatives in America, at least since Obama’s regime, shows us that the entire American Establishment needs to be overhauled, with a politically neutral Establishment put in its place.

The political swamp needs to be drained, and fixed by those who are unstained.

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