The Deep State versus Donald Trump in New York

The politicisation and weaponisation of legal systems in countries ruled by Leftist regimes is becoming more and more blatant. The outrageous lawfare being conducted against Donald Trump is a prime example, whilst the lenient treatment of Hunter Biden is another. With the current prosecution of Trump in New York, what we have is a politically-motivated […]

Donald Trump and the 2024 US Presidential election

Donald Trump is far from perfect — but he is the best Presidential candidate out of all of those who have a realistic chance at winning the election. There is little doubt that the re-election of Trump will push the Overton window in a pro-white direction. At the very least, it will rein in some […]

The trial of Donald Trump

In a civil trial a jury in Manhattan (New York) has found Donald Trump liable for “sexually abusing” E. Jean Carroll, and for defaming her when he said she was lying. Carroll was awarded five million dollars. Following the trial result, Donald Trump posted a comment on his social media platform, Truth Social, saying “I […]

Trump addresses the media re. the 2020 election

In this video, President Donald Trump addresses the media re. the 2020 election; talks about fraudulent votes, voting discrepancies, ballots thrown away, faked ballot signatures, the Dominion voting software, voting computer “glitches”, etc. “If you look at the numbers, the numbers are false, the numbers are corrupt. It was a rigged election, 100%. And people […]

The fraudulent election of 2020

The 2020 US election has been a prime example of Leftist corruption right from the start. Under the influence of corrupt Leftists in the public service (aided by extremely biased Leftists in the Leftist-dominated mainstream media and in the Leftist-dominated social media corporations), the American people have had their election process stolen from them by […]

The Chinese Virus

The lamestream media, Social Justice Warriors, and assorted “do-gooders” are having a big whinge at the moment about how it’s “racist” to refer to the Covid-19 coronavirus as the “Chinese virus”. Isn’t it odd that they previously had no problem with people referring to the pandemic of 1919 as the “Spanish flu”? Isn’t it weird […]