The fraudulent election of 2020

2020: The most corrupt election in US history

2020: The most corrupt election in US history

The 2020 US election has been a prime example of Leftist corruption right from the start. Under the influence of corrupt Leftists in the public service (aided by extremely biased Leftists in the Leftist-dominated mainstream media and in the Leftist-dominated social media corporations), the American people have had their election process stolen from them by widespread electoral corruption.

This corruption was already apparent in the 2016 elections. It was a failing of the Trump administration that they didn’t go hard after the corrupt state officials and put into place rules to ensure incorruptible election procedures.

America needs a cultural revolution, to rid itself of the lying Leftists who have weaseled their way into positions of power, which they have then corrupted with their atrocious behavior.

The 2020 US presidential election shows how the Left cannot be trusted with the running of government, considering the corrupt practices they have displayed during the ballot-counting process in Leftist-controlled states.

When poll watchers are blocked from closely observing the counting of votes, that means that the process is corrupt, illegal, and invalid

When poll watchers are blocked from closely observing the counting of votes, that means that the process is corrupt, illegal, and invalid

We have seen widespread corruption in this election

* State election officials who refuse to let the officially appointed observers close enough to observe the counting process. If the appointed watchers can’t get close enough to ensure that the ballot papers are being counted and tallied properly, then fraud can be rampant. Why are election officials allowing the counting to be observed, unless they have something to hide?

* Thousands of dead people have been voting (i.e. these are illegal votes).

* Non-residents have been voting (i.e. these are illegal votes).

* People ineligible to vote have been voting (i.e. these are illegal votes). Various areas require minimum terms of residency in the electorate to vote, but ineligible people have been voting anyway.

* Poll watchers were denied access to some election stations, barring them from vote checking. When the people outside protested, about authorized poll watchers being denied access, State election officials then boarded up the windows of the counting stations.

* Electoral fraud by corrupt US Postal Service workers, who have been back-dating postal ballot papers, re-using undelivered postal ballot papers, and throwing out pro-Trump ballot papers. Apparently, votes can be read through the envelopes when held up to a strong light.

* The delivery of postal ballots with not just a normal margin of difference between candidates, but a hugely statistically-improbable excess of votes in favor of the Leftist candidate (Joe Biden).

* Trucks delivering ballot papers to counting stations taking hours (longer than needed) to arrive, allowing corrupt Leftists the time to destroy pro-Trump ballot papers. Why weren’t those trucks accompanied by observers?

* State election officials filling in loads of ballot papers. The story given is that the original ballot papers weren’t filled in darkly enough for the election scanning machines to read them. Aside from the fact that using electronic scanning and counting is a recipe for corruption, if observers weren’t being allowed close enough to watch the process, then the entire matter is exceedingly dubious.

* State election officials depositing ballot papers into ballot boxes. What was on them? Who knows? There was no-one there to watch them.

When election official refuse to let authorized poll watchers closely observe the counting of votes, then the process is corrupt. The way this election has been handled has enabled an enormous amount of vote-rigging to occur.

Let’s call it for what it is: Electoral corruption on a massive scale.

Leftist propaganda from the mainstream media; election interference by social media companies

Added to all this, the mainstream media have been complicit in the corrupt process, spewing out propaganda about “unfounded accusations” of electoral corruption, despite all of the evidence to the contrary. This should not be a surprise, as the Leftist-dominated mainstream media have blatantly been pushing anti-Trump propaganda since at least mid-2015.

According to Newsweek, Ellen Weintraub of the Federal Election Commission said that there is “no evidence of any kind of voter fraud. There is no evidence of illegal votes being cast.” However, there is factual evidence of dead people voting, voter impersonation, and postal vote mishandling.

So, why didn’t Newsweek counter the claim with the readily available evidence? Because the Leftist mainstream media have a political agenda to push, that’s why.

The same political bias is evident in the way that the Leftist-dominated social media corporations have been handling the election (in the same politically-biased way that they have been treating conservatives for years).

The social media giants (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) have been blatantly interfering in the electoral process by censoring and deleting pro-Trump posts, and even closing down pro-Trump groups. No wonder that the internet has witnessed the rise of, a social media platform specifically dedicated to free speech, although the industry is still dominated by the big Leftist corporations.

Twitter has even been interfering with the postings of President Trump.

When Matt Braynard set up a GoFundMe account, to raise funds to investigate electoral fraud, the Leftists at GoFundMe deleted his account, using the thin excuse that anyone questioning the veracity of the election was “spreading misinformation”. Clearly, they don’t want the 2020 election corruption investigated.

Why all the cover-ups? Christina Bobb, of the One America News Network, said “One logical conclusion is because Democrats are cheating, and the media is helping. One disturbing trend is that videos and posts documenting potential fraud are being censored or deleted by social media. Not only are Democrats and the media not even entertaining the question of fraud, they are actively concealing the problem.”

The mainstream media is full of references to “baseless allegations”, or similar wording. As always, the mainstream media is showing its political colors with its blatant anti-Trump bias.

Corruption at the polls

In Philadelphia, the official Trump observers were denied access to watch the counting of ballots.

Regarding Michigan, Ronna McDaniel (the Republican National Committee Chairman) said that “It is only in Democrat-run counties and precincts that Republican poll watchers were kicked out and unable to observe the process.”

Poll watcher Brian McCafferty reported that the closest ballot-counting desks were 30 feet away, whilst the furthest desks were 150 feet away, so that observers could not see what was going on. When he recorded video footage to document the corrupt process, he was thrown out. When a Twitter account reposted one of his videos, Twitter closed it down.

The fact is that unless authorized poll watchers are able to see the vote markings on the ballots being counted, then they may as well not be there. Watching an election worker handle papers 15 to 30 feet away is virtually meaningless, since the poll watchers cannot see if the ballots are being allocated correctly. If the poll watchers cannot see the votes, then the process is illegitimate and corrupt.

Poll watcher Darryl Brookes, a black Trump supporter from Philadelphia, stated “They put us at 20 feet away … they did not allow us to see anything … we were kept away from everything.”

Poll watcher Matt Silver, who is an attorney, said “You were not able to get anywhere near the ballots. There were three rows of people counting ballots, the closest may have been 15 feet away, then there was another row, then there was another row … You couldn’t see anything. … What I saw was disturbing, and the process seemed to be specifically so we could not observe, and also so we could not challenge”.

Lysette Tarraganno, a Philadelphian resident and retired attorney, told how she and a number of other Republican poll watchers were refused entry to the election counting rooms; she referred to “the insidious nature of the Philadelphia Pennsylvania government who are keeping us away from doing what we were meant to do”.

As Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said, “President Trump’s campaign has not been provided with meaningful access to numerous counting locations to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process”.

Rudy Giuliani said “They certainly present a very strong circumstantial case that the ballots were tampered with. Also, the highly unusual, almost mathematically impossible, reduction in the vote, in that period of time, also raises the question that the ballots were tampered with. … They kept our inspectors away”.

It has been noted by several observers how, in some places, Trump was well ahead of Biden, but after the state authorities close the counting down for the night, the next day, just like magic, Biden’s votes suddenly surged ahead. It has to be asked whether the polling places, and ballots, were locked up and under observation by observers from both sides during the night; or was it only the officials of Leftist-run states that had access to them during that time?

Indeed, the Leftist-run city of Philadelphia has a long history of corruption and voter fraud.

Giuliani noted that “There was a uniform deprivation of the right to inspect, which constitutes a fraud on the people of Pennsylvania, constitutes a fraud on all legitimate voters, and an illegitimate vote cancels a legitimate vote … they made it impossible to view those ballots, and there can only be one conclusion as to why you would make it so impossible, because many, many of them were fraudulent. You just don’t lose leads like that without corruption, and you’re in a city in which voter fraud is professional.”

As Rudy Giuliani stated, “President Trump’s campaign was denied its right to a fair count, which is a deprivation of civil rights”.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka has stated that tampering of ballots is widespread; “We have thousands of pieces of evidence that are being sent in to the campaign headquarters”.

When President Trump posted a statement re. election fraud on the Twitter social media platform, it was censored by Twitter.

Having poll watchers to closely observe vote counting ensures fair elections; however, when poll watchers are blocked from closely observing the counting of votes, that means that the process is corrupt, illegal, and invalid.

* * * * *

There has also been some odd happenings with the vote-counting processes.

In Michigan, thousands of votes for Trump were credited to Biden, supposedly due to a “glitch”. The software being used was supplied by Dominion Voting Systems; according to one report, “Dominion Voter System is said to provide roughly 35% of the nation’s voter systems and software”.

Biden’s Banana Republic

Biden’s Banana Republic

A Banana Republic election

America has become like a Third World Banana Republic, with the fate of elections being decided by the corrupt shenanigans, rather than by due process in an open and unbiased manner.

This is the most significant case of electoral corruption in modern times. The Left have blatantly stolen the election from the American people.

Let’s face facts, the 2020 election has been stolen by the Left in a massive effort of individual and collective corruption. Leftists are so morally corrupt that they don’t care what they do, so long as their side wins.

The election of Donald Trump has revealed the deep-seated hatred and undemocratic bias that the Left is steeped in. Conservatives should not make the mistake of thinking that Leftists are generally moral people.

Some conservatives are writing letters to the media or to politicians about the situation. Big deal. If you write letters to people involved in the corruption in the first place, you’re just making a fool of yourself; they’ll just laugh at you, while you wring your hands and whine. It’s as ridiculous as someone writing to Joe Stalin to complain about the lack of democratic procedures in Communist Russia.

If a bully punches you in the face and takes your lunch money, whilst teachers look on without interfering, you don’t respond by sitting back and taking it, you give the bully a few punches in return, and take your lunch money back; it was rightfully yours in the first place. Get some friends to help you if needed.

The American Republic was not created by wimps who gave in to corruption and bullying. The American revolutionaries tried to do things the nice way, writing letters and complaining, but they soon realized that a corrupt occupying force is never going to be challenged by a group of letter writers. In the end, the American Revolutionaries took decisive action against a corrupt regime, and won. We need to emulate their moral strength and determination today.

Don’t fool yourself that the “right” thing to do is to not fight back, when you are being politically screwed over by a blatantly corrupt system. There are times when it is noble to become a revolutionary, something which was recognized by the fathers of the American Republic.

Donald Trump is up against an entrenched Leftist Deep State

* The election officials in many states are full of corrupt Leftists who will lie, cheat and steal to get their own way.

* The US Postal Service has in its ranks corrupt Leftists who have been fiddling with ballot papers.

* You could ask the FBI to investigate, but we’ve found out that it is now riddled with corrupt Leftists who are more than willing to game the system.

* You could go to the courts to right the wrongs, but we know from the immigration court cases that there are plenty of corrupt Leftist judges who don’t care if they do wrong.

We need to decisively deal with the corruption

One way to fix the current situation is to enact an Executive Order to re-do the 2020 election, under the watchful eye of a neutral federal military, with observers from both sides (and with international observers) being present (and close enough) to watch the corrupt Leftists who count the ballots.

Otherwise, patriotic Americans might just decide to fix the problem themselves.

It is far better that the corrupt antics of the Deep State be countered by presidential action, instituting due process, incorporating transparent and fair procedures, enforced by a neutral military who haven’t yet been corrupted.

If Donald Trump takes executive action to stop the corrupt stealing of the American electoral process, then he would be morally right to do so.

It’s time for democracy to prevail in America!

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