The trial of Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump post re his trialIn a civil trial a jury in Manhattan (New York) has found Donald Trump liable for “sexually abusing” E. Jean Carroll, and for defaming her when he said she was lying. Carroll was awarded five million dollars. Following the trial result, Donald Trump posted a comment on his social media platform, Truth Social, saying “I have absolutely no idea who this woman is. This verdict is a disgrace – a continuation of the greatest witch hunt of all time!”[1]

The trial itself was problematic. Trump’s accuser couldn’t even provide a solid date for when the incident occurred, so it was impossible for the man to even be able to prove if he was a hundred miles away at the time. The evidence was basically Carroll’s allegation. Upon that basis, almost any man in the world could be accused by any woman they had come into contact with years before, even decades before (as was the case with the allegation against Trump). How do you defend yourself against an accuser who gives no date of an alleged incident, and provides no concrete proof which can be countered? It is extremely troubling that a jury would find a man guilty on such a flimsy basis.[2]

E. Jean Carroll, author of the book What Do We Need Men For?, did not make her allegations against Donald Trump public until June 2019, about a year and a half after he became US President (he was inaugurated in January 2017). Carroll has also accused CBS Corporation executive Les Moonves of sexual assault. Therefore, according to Carroll, two socially-powerful men (allegedly) have sexually abused her.[3]

During the Carroll v. Trump trial, at one stage the judge, Lewis Kaplan, rebuked Trump’s lawyer (Joe Tacopina), accusing him of being “argumentative”. Lewis Kaplan was nominated as a judge by the Leftist president Bill Clinton, in 1994, for a position with the United States District Court (for the Southern District of New York). In 2021 the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, formed by the United Nations’ Commission on Human Rights, accused Judge Lewis Kaplan of a “staggering display of lack of objectivity and impartiality” in the case of Steven Donziger (the rulings and activities of Kaplan against Donziger make for most interesting reading). As a judge, Kaplan is meant to be impartial, and we make no comment on him regarding the Trump case (nor regarding the Donziger case). Kaplan’s political views are unknown, and we do not suggest that his political ideology in any way influenced his behavior during the trial. On an unrelated aside, Kaplan is of Jewish background, and it is of general interest to mention that 74% of Jews in the US oppose Donald Trump (however, it is notable that, as a group, Orthodox Jews support Trump).[4]

The civil trial against Trump was held in Manhattan (New York). This was a concern for the Trump side, as it raises serious questions of jury impartiality. In 2020 Joe Biden won Manhattan with a vote of 84.5% (Trump got 14.5%), so therefore it is evident that the area is a massive Leftist stronghold. Manhattan is full of Democrat Leftists and extreme Leftists, being the sort of people who think Donald Trump is “literally Hitler”.[5]

This raises the question of whether any of the people on the jury were Leftists who hate Trump, and wanted to “stick it to the man” in any way that they could. However, it should be noted that the jury did not find against Trump regarding the accusation of rape, instead finding him guilty of sexual assault. This could indicate that that the jury was even-handed; or, alternatively, that they wanted to appear to be even-handed; as the jury room is off-limits to the public, we don’t know what discussions were held re the trial.

On a personal and social level, Donald Trump may not be perfect. However, on a political level, he is the best option that American mainstream politics has to offer. And that is why the Left will try to sabotage him in as many ways as they possibly can.

The sad thing is that, due to massive media bias against Trump, and the hysterical nature of Leftist attitudes towards him, it is doubtful that the man could ever receive a fair trial, especially in a Leftist stronghold like New York.

People will believe what they want to believe regarding the Carroll v. Trump trial, most likely based upon their political allegiances or social ideology, as the trial itself was lacking concrete evidence.

However, what we do know is that the Left is out to get Trump, to ruin him in any way that they can. That is more than enough to tell us that he should be supported as much as possible. It would be in our best interests to put aside any differences we have with Trump, and to support him if and when he runs for re-election as US President. Some might advocate electing Joe Biden again, just to see “it all burn down”, but putting the Loony Left in charge of the USA will not help us to build the movement as much as having a patriotic President, who will instill confidence and restore morale to our people. We need as much time as we can possibly get to build up a political resistance to the evils of the Cultural Marxists and Neo-Communists.

The trial of Donald Trump was a travesty of justice. However, we need to move beyond that, and support him, and ourselves, in the political trials which lie ahead.

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