Donald Trump and the 2024 US Presidential election

A graphic artist’s rendering of Donald Trump being stabbed in the back by Mike Pence

Donald Trump is far from perfect — but he is the best Presidential candidate out of all of those who have a realistic chance at winning the election.

There is little doubt that the re-election of Trump will push the Overton window in a pro-white direction. At the very least, it will rein in some of the Leftist madness, while we recruit more allies from the ashes of Western Civilisation.

Mike Pence, who was Vice President for Trump, has thrown his hat in the ring as a contender for the Presidential election. But he doesn’t have the presence of Trump, and is unlikely to win the Republican vote.

Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, looks to be the main Republican contender against Trump. There is no doubt that he will get a strong vote, but whether he can beat Trump is another matter.

If Donald Trump is re-elected, it would be an enormous blow against the prestige of the Left. They planted fake stories about him, saying he was colluding with Russia (when, in fact, it turned out that the Leftists were the ones colluding with them), they used the politically-biased FBI against him (and he was found innocent), they tried to impeach him on the flimsiest of grounds (a failed political stunt on their part), they blamed him for the January 6 protest (which Leftist propagandists try to paint as an “insurrection”, which it wasn’t; and, besides which, Trump was in no way responsible for the protest), and now they’re trying dodgy “lawfare” against him, twisting the mechanics of the law to try to stop him.

The Left will stop at nothing to destroy Trump. They will lie, cheat, and steal. They will misuse the power of the state, misuse government agencies, and misuse the law — to them, all these things are tools to use and abuse against their political opponents. They lack moral fibre, and don’t care what they have to do to win; they have no respect for democracy and freedom of speech; they are authoritarian in nature, and they cannot be trusted — and that especially applies to elections.

As Leftists were successful in stealing the 2020 election, there can be little doubt that they will try to do it again in 2024. Whether the Republicans have the legal ability to fight against the lowlife shenanigans of the Left is yet to be seen.

The re-election of Donald Trump would be a major poke in the eye for the Left; that alone would be enough reason to support him, but the truth is that he is the best available candidate for the job. Someone like Jared Taylor would be better, as can be seen from his work with American Renaissance, but Taylor has absolutely no chance of winning the election. Trump is not perfect, but he’s the best we’ve got at this stage.

Re-electing Donald Trump to the US Presidency would be in the best interests of Western Civilisation.

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