Sacked for having a laugh: Political Correctness and the firing of comedians

The US comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL) has sacked Shane Gillis because of some remarks he made about Chinese people, even though they were said whilst in his humorous persona. It’s not clear if SNL was being deliberately ironic, but in their statement about firing Gillis, they said that part of the reason they […]

Illegal immigrants in churches

Thousands of illegal immigrants are now living inside US churches, having taken up “sanctuary” in those locations. The churches are hiding them from the immigration authorities, to stop the illegals from being deported. Unfortunately, the immigration authorities are too chicken to raid the churches, as they’re afraid of being made to look bad in the […]

Dana Loesch vs. Piers Morgan

There is an interesting video on YouTube of a debate on the firearms issue. As always, the anti-gun campaigners use false propaganda and loaded terms (no pun intended) as part of their debating methodology. Van Jones says that there are “military-style weapons on the streets of America” (6.25 min.), but Dana Loesch counters by explaining […]

Shannon Johnson, hero of San Bernardino

In the midst of the Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Shannon Johnson shielded a 27-year-old female co-worker, Denise Peraza, with his own body during the shootings; he died, but she lived (Denise was shot once in the back, but survived). This is a true hero — someone who places their life at risk in […]

Black crime in the USA is out of control

Black crime is a major problem in the United States, but most of the media are either too Politically Correct to address the issue or too afraid to do so, because they could lose their jobs due to PC authoritarianism. If white crime statistics were like this, the media would be crowing about it from […]

Karma comes to visit

When karma comes to visit, it doesn’t always knock softly on your door. Judge Susan Dlott, a liberal federal judge who, in effect, outlawed racial profiling in Cincinnati, has become a victim of black violence, committed by three black men who invaded her home. It is possible that, some months beforehand, the three black attackers […]

The real threat is Islam, by Jared Taylor

[Jared Taylor considers various Islamic terrorist attacks, and wonders how many deaths it take before Western “leaders” recognize that the problem is Islam.] Once again, Islam has struck back at the infidel West. Gunmen dressed in black hoods entered the office building of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, and murdered most of its staff. They […]

White survival: Beyond Left and Right, by Jared Taylor

[Jared Taylor argues that conserving the American founding stock should be beyond politics. This is the transcript of a talk Jared Taylor delivered at the National Policy Institute conference, hosted at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, 27 February 2015.] The theme of this conference is “beyond conservatism,” and I’d like to start with […]

Official Census Bureau projection for 2060, by Jared Taylor

[Jared Taylor looks at the demographic projection that Whites will be just 43.6 percent of the US population by 2060.] The Census Bureau has just released a projection of the American population through 2060, and it makes grim reading.1 Whites will become a minority in 2042, and by 2060, will be just 43.6 percent of […]

US President Abraham Lincoln states that he did not fight the Civil War over slavery

[A letter from Abraham Lincoln to Horace Greeley (editor of the New-York Tribune), in which Lincoln states that he did not go to war over the issue of slavery, but rather in order to save the Union (i.e. the United States of America). Lincoln’s letter was written in reply to an editorial by Greeley.] Executive […]