White survival: Beyond Left and Right, by Jared Taylor

[Jared Taylor argues that conserving the American founding stock should be beyond politics. This is the transcript of a talk Jared Taylor delivered at the National Policy Institute conference, hosted at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, 27 February 2015.] The theme of this conference is “beyond conservatism,” and I’d like to start with […]

Official Census Bureau projection for 2060, by Jared Taylor

[Jared Taylor looks at the demographic projection that Whites will be just 43.6 percent of the US population by 2060.] The Census Bureau has just released a projection of the American population through 2060, and it makes grim reading.1 Whites will become a minority in 2042, and by 2060, will be just 43.6 percent of […]

US President Abraham Lincoln states that he did not fight the Civil War over slavery

[A letter from Abraham Lincoln to Horace Greeley (editor of the New-York Tribune), in which Lincoln states that he did not go to war over the issue of slavery, but rather in order to save the Union (i.e. the United States of America). Lincoln’s letter was written in reply to an editorial by Greeley.] Executive […]

US President Abraham Lincoln proposes setting up a colony of American Blacks in Central America

[Notes of a meeting between Abraham Lincoln and a deputation of Negro leaders, in 1862, regarding the possibility of creating a colony of American Blacks in Central America.] COLONIZATION. It was yet uncertain whether one result of the war would be the setting free of all the slaves in the country; but it was plain […]

US President Abraham Lincoln’s first State of the Union address, 3 December 1861

[An extract from Abraham Lincoln’s first State of the Union address, in which he proposes sending American Blacks to an overseas colony.] Under and by virtue of the act of Congress entitled “An act to confiscate property used for insurrectionary purposes,” approved August 6, 1861, the legal claims of certain persons to the labor and […]

US President Abraham Lincoln speaks out against racial equality

[An extract from Abraham Lincoln’s opening speech in a debate between him and Stephen A. Douglas during the 1858 campaign in Illinois for the US Senate (Lincoln was the Republican Party candidate, whilst Douglas was the Democratic Party candidate). Lincoln wanted to make it clear that he was not an outright abolitionist (he was fighting […]

US President Abraham Lincoln advocates freeing the slaves and sending them to Africa

[An extract from Abraham Lincoln’s speech of 16 October 1854, in which he opposes a law (designed by Senator Stephen A. Douglas) that would enable the new US territories of Kansas and Nebraska to vote on whether or not slavery would be allowed within their boundaries. As an opponent of slavery, Lincoln had consistently opposed […]

Abraham Lincoln, US President, supporter of White survival and dedicated enemy of slavery

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) is widely regarded as one of the preeminent Presidents of the United States of America. Lincoln was opposed to the horrid and dehumanizing institution of slavery. However, rather than being one of the radicals within the Republican Party who advocated the immediate abolition of slavery across the entire country, he promoted a […]