Yet another machete attack in England

A white policeman attacked by a machete-wielding maniac in London. What was the race of the attacker? You have two guesses. What was the religious background of the attacker? You have one guess. Well done to those who guessed correctly. To those who thought the attacker was a white English Christian — sorry, better luck […]

Black crime in the USA is out of control

Black crime is a major problem in the United States, but most of the media are either too Politically Correct to address the issue or too afraid to do so, because they could lose their jobs due to PC authoritarianism. If white crime statistics were like this, the media would be crowing about it from […]

Karma comes to visit

When karma comes to visit, it doesn’t always knock softly on your door. Judge Susan Dlott, a liberal federal judge who, in effect, outlawed racial profiling in Cincinnati, has become a victim of black violence, committed by three black men who invaded her home. It is possible that, some months beforehand, the three black attackers […]

Racism and knife attacks [by John Bean]

[How many stabbings in the UK are racially motivated black-on-white crimes?] By John Bean, 11 August 2008 Under pressure from a shocked public, the Home Office has revealed that knife crime offences in England and Wales over the past year have totalled 22,151 — 7,409 of these in London. However, eagerly supported by the BBC, […]