Racism and knife attacks [by John Bean]

[How many stabbings in the UK are racially motivated black-on-white crimes?]

By John Bean, 11 August 2008

Under pressure from a shocked public, the Home Office has revealed that knife crime offences in England and Wales over the past year have totalled 22,151 — 7,409 of these in London. However, eagerly supported by the BBC, it is making great play of a supposedly 9 per cent reduction in crime recorded by the Police, with the violent crime sector being reduced by 8 per cent.

The key word here is recorded crime. It is now well known that in those areas hardest hit by crime many people are not even bothering to report burglaries or even muggings because their experience says that even if the police turn up no action will result. Overall, less than half of crimes are actually reported A secondary factor is that because of the advances made in car security by the manufacturers, car theft by amateur thieves and “joy riders” has fallen considerably, bringing the vehicle crime category down by 14 per cent, thus helping to lower the overall recorded crime rate.

It is but a further example of “smoke and mirrors” policies from a beleaguered government who have no idea how to control crime in general, let alone stop the daily murder of mainly young men on the streets of our towns and cities. It is often black upon black knife murders by teenagers, who if they reach twenty will then result to using guns.

What is worrying is the fact that a number of these murders by knifing appear to be racially motivated. But as it is whites murdered by blacks it is not considered as a racial incident by our media, certainly not the BBC. Of those murders carried out this summer, this seemed highly likely to be the case with the Sidcup murder of the young bit-part “Harry Potter” actor (two blacks arrested), and also with the murder of Ben Kinsella, brother of “EastEnders” actress Brooke Kinsella — four blacks arrested. Incidentally, it was noticeable that in the protest march of six hundred or more young people in North London, there were some black girls present giving their support, but no black boys.

In the March issue this year of Identity Nick Griffin gave us an extensive report, Racism Cuts Both Ways, on how the political elite, the media, the police and the courts are covering up an epidemic of racist violence against our long suffering indigenous people. As a result of research work by a BNP team, the article was full of facts and statistics to show how bad the situation really is. But even with the latest bout of killings (and I have only mentioned two above) , you ask a typical Joe Public to name a victim of racist violence and the only name he can give you is Stephen Lawrence, or possibly Anthony Walker. Goebbels was an amateur in the art of brainwashing compared with our modern media practitioners.

I have mentioned before in past issues a news-sheet called Combat that I used to edit in a former life. In a 1959 issue I ran a front page report headed “Blacks Go Berserk”, with a photo of a West Indian gentleman, frothing at the mouth and being held by two policemen. Of course today, having become more educated in the ways of mankind (and having read all the updates on various Race Relations Acts) I realise that I should have headed the article “Some Black People, Like Whites in General and Not Necessarily Descendants of Vikings, Go Berserk”.

My article was actually based on two reports from the London Metropolitan Police and the West Midlands Police which at that time had expressed concern in the growing number of crimes of violence being carried out by some newly arrived West Indians. The rate per head of population was something like four times that committed by the indigenous Brits.

Many West Indians at that time were God-fearing people who formed the then typical family units. Today, many of these black boys involved in street crimes, including murder, do not have a father to control them, and no doubt some have inherited those genes of violence. As for police reports, well they stopped taking ethnicity into account long, long ago, even before Stephen Lawrence was born.

The above is an extract from John Bean’s Nationalist Notebook in the August issue of Identity

Originally published on the website of the British National Party.

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