The great Indian take away for Redcar Steel workers [by John Bean]

[The British people are losing jobs to Third World countries.] By John Bean, 20 February 2010 The closure of the steel plant at Redcar, near Middlesborough, has resulted in another 1,700 British workers — most of them skilled — joining at least two million industrial workers whose jobs have been lost by Tory and Labour […]

British jobs for British workers [by John Bean]

[The Liberal, Labor, and Conservative parties in the UK have betrayed the British working class.] By John Bean, 24 March 2009 The BNP belief that the so-called differences offered by the established party triumvirate is a myth has again been justified in their attitude to the recent British workers’ wildcat strikes in an attempt to […]

Immigration is changing our national makeup [by John Bean]

[Immigration is changing the face of Britain.] By John Bean, 23 February 2009 We could fill two pages of “Identity” magazine (the February issue is now published) every month with the latest immigration statistics and how it is putting ever increasing pressure on housing for our own people, health services, education, policing and travel and […]

BNP will represent Britain in Europe better than UKIP [by John Bean]

[Argues that the British National Party is of more value to Britain than the UK Independence Party.] By John Bean, 23 February 2009 The full financial burden to Britain of EU membership has been set out in the latest report from the Bruges Group. The February issue of “Identity” shows that it amounts to £55.775 […]

Tories pander to the Muslim Vote [by John Bean]

[The multiracialist Conservative Party has bent over backwards to win over Muslims in the UK.] By John Bean, 25 November 2008 In the November issue of Identity I wrote that it is disheartening to see that although their lead has slipped the so-called ‘Conservative’ Party, which now conserves ever fewer British interests, still leads in […]

Inventiveness and Black History [by John Bean]

[Schools are brainwashing children with multiracialist propaganda.] By John Bean, 8 October 2008 Several contributors to Identity (the October issue is now published) have in recent months explained how the Marxists, having failed to export their Soviet revolution, founded the Frankfurt School in the twenties with the objective of the ‘long march through the institutions’ […]

Racism and knife attacks [by John Bean]

[How many stabbings in the UK are racially motivated black-on-white crimes?] By John Bean, 11 August 2008 Under pressure from a shocked public, the Home Office has revealed that knife crime offences in England and Wales over the past year have totalled 22,151 — 7,409 of these in London. However, eagerly supported by the BBC, […]

It’s official: Immigration brings no benefits [by John Bean]

[Immigration into Britain has had an overall negative economic effect.] By John Bean, 29 May 2008 For several years the BNP has been disputing the Lib-Lab-Con claim that somehow immigration has been a benefit to Britain. A few politicians and columnists have of late recognised the problems brought to housing, schooling and the NHS by […]