BNP will represent Britain in Europe better than UKIP [by John Bean]

[Argues that the British National Party is of more value to Britain than the UK Independence Party.]

By John Bean, 23 February 2009

The full financial burden to Britain of EU membership has been set out in the latest report from the Bruges Group. The February issue of “Identity” shows that it amounts to £55.775 billion per annum, which is a net cost to every UK tax-payer of £1,799 p.a. Our withdrawal from the EU would give an economic boost of at least 2 per cent which would help our economic recovery.

To the three out of four voters who agree that we should withdraw from the EU the question is who do they vote for in the June election? The Lib-Lab-Con is united in supporting our continued membership, whatever individual spokesmen might say in trying to woo our votes. That leaves UKIP and the BNP.

The BNP has made it clear that it respects the good intentions of the bulk of UKIP’s patriotic membership. But with few exceptions its MEPs appear to have looked upon their sojourn in Brussels as a non-stop gravy train and have become part of the EU system. This applies particularly to its leader, Nigel Farage, the preening performer so beloved by the BBC’s Question Time and The Guardian because of his role as a safety valve that diminishes the flow of support for the BNP.

UKIP members, who admit to more and more support switching to the BNP, inform us that there is growing concern about the party’s finances and Nigel Farage’s silence on a number of questions relating to them. Apparently the South West Region is refusing to hand over their cash to Farage in case it disappears into another black hole in the manner of the former Ashford, Kent, call centre where no full accounts were ever presented and the sum of £200,000 was merely attributed to ‘other expenses’. Although the MEPs are pocketing £84,000 p.a. basic salary, there are also considerable expenses available, which Farage has refused to comment upon.

Unlike UKIP, BNP MEPs would commit themselves beforehand to donate a proportion of salaries and expenses to the Party.

Originally published on the website of the British National Party.

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