Sexual assaults in Cologne, Germany — and the Multiculturalist response

As most people watching the news would have seen, there has been quite a furore over the New Year’s Eve incidents where hundreds of Third World refugees sexually molested women in Cologne, Germany — and, as it turned out, also in a number of other German cities, as well as in several other European countries. […]

Ham sandwiches to be banned?

The effects of Third Word immigration and Islamification continue. Some new guidelines on “communal kitchen etiquette for the workplace” have been drawn up, to be presented to employer groups. High on the list of things not to do is to put your ham sandwiches (or other pork products) in the fridge at work. How soon […]

Tories pander to the Muslim Vote [by John Bean]

[The multiracialist Conservative Party has bent over backwards to win over Muslims in the UK.] By John Bean, 25 November 2008 In the November issue of Identity I wrote that it is disheartening to see that although their lead has slipped the so-called ‘Conservative’ Party, which now conserves ever fewer British interests, still leads in […]