Inventiveness and Black History [by John Bean]

[Schools are brainwashing children with multiracialist propaganda.]

By John Bean, 8 October 2008

Several contributors to Identity (the October issue is now published) have in recent months explained how the Marxists, having failed to export their Soviet revolution, founded the Frankfurt School in the twenties with the objective of the ‘long march through the institutions’ to maintain their constant onslaught on western culture. With this in mind, it is easy to see the objective of our Socialist government’s education policies, and not least the recent announcement that black history is to be made compulsory in our schools — as it already is in the USA.

Pupils will be taught about the slave trade and the British Empire to “help them understand modern-day issues such as immigration”. The two subjects will join the two world wars and the Holocaust as periods that must form part of the history syllabus. The objective here, of course, is that by devious means it will be shown that if you oppose mass immigration into 21st Century Britain, you somehow support the abomination of slavery and also condone the killing of Jews by the Nazis in World War Two. Although children will be taught about the achievements of several minor black people from history, Sir Winston Churchill is now omitted from the list of figures that must be studied. How the history of World War 2 and the British Empire can be taught without mentioning Winston Churchill beggars belief.

Remember the names of those responsible for pushing this Marxist nonsense through. They are Kevin Brennan, the children’s minister, and Mick Waters, the director of curriculum at the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

Primarily because of the pressure on space in this column, I will give just one example of how today’s Marxists (no matter what labels they masquerade under) invent an ethnicity for a figure from history in order for the gullible liberal-minded to accept that Africans have contributed much to British and European history and culture. A favourite, particularly with the BBC’s children’s programmes, is Septimus Severus, who became Roman Emperor in AD 193 and during his visit to Britain was instrumental in having Hadrian’s Wall repaired.

Because Septimus Severus was born in Carthage, what is now Tunisia, our children are told he was a “Black Emperor”. He even appears on a website entitled “100 Great Black Britons”. Wikipedia and other sites all agree that his mother was of Roman descent from an ancient clan and his father came from a distinguished local Berber family. The Berbers lived in North Africa for at least 2,000 years before the arrival of Arabs or any sub-Saharan black Africans and are described as more akin to modern Spaniards, Sicilians or even ancient Egyptians. A glance at the photo of a bust of Septimus Severus that appears on both of the above mentioned websites shows that he is about as black as I am!

Yet the Daily Telegraph (hardly a Marxist paper) can publish a letter from Chris McGovern, Director, History Curriculum Association, commenting on the new ‘black is beautiful’ history curriculum in which he said: “Slavery has been a shared human experience. A dark-skinned African emperor, Septimus Severus, was prominent in enforcing enslavement in Britain at the start of the third century AD.”

Originally published on the website of the British National Party.

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