Immigration is changing our national makeup [by John Bean]

[Immigration is changing the face of Britain.]

By John Bean, 23 February 2009

We could fill two pages of “Identity” magazine (the February issue is now published) every month with the latest immigration statistics and how it is putting ever increasing pressure on housing for our own people, health services, education, policing and travel and transport. Perhaps most important in this time of increasing business failures is the effect of unscrupulous employers (such as the Asian-owned Manchester clothing manufacturer supplying Primark) paying low wages to immigrants rather than the going rate to indigenous British workers. All this does, of course, is help stack up more votes for the BNP.

On this question of immigrant workers, and also statistics, the Daily Telegraph, 03.01.09, revealed that at least 170,000 more migrant workers are taking British jobs each year than official figures show because of undercounting in the employment statistics.

It may still surprise some urban readers to know that rural areas could be seeing the highest increase of immigrant workers, where it has increased 186% since 2002. Living near the Fens, where so many East European workers have arrived, I can confirm that the work is hard, and often cold and wet, and many young native Britons won’t do it. Although some readers may not agree, although there is this pressure on housing, education and some aspects of health services, most of the young Poles and other mainly Baltic States people go home when they have made some money and those who stay are at least fellow Europeans who are not really going to alter our ethnic makeup.

Now ‘ethnic makeup’ is what our opposition to Afro-Asian immigration is really all about. We are seeing our British, Western European, makeup changed beyond repair in nearly every city in Britain. It is not just because of immigration and the fact that most immigrant families — and certainly Muslims — have considerably higher birth rates, but because white women in all western societies as well as Britain are producing on average less than 2.1 children per woman — the number required for the maintenance of a population. As things stand the white race in the West generally is a dying breed. Our people today find themselves trying to live by a combination of rules that are partly remnants of our old system, partly alien rules imposed upon us by the Marxist-inspired liberal-left of all the old parties, including those coming from the EU. This haphazard combination does not make sense to many of our people as a framework for life. So increasingly the will to reproduction flags, because it does not make sense to bear children into a senseless life.

In an attempt to halt the progress of the BNP, Labour has made much of its “Points Based System” (PBS) to restrict the high rate of immigration. Yet in its new Borders, Immigration and Citizenship Bill published last month it is going to hand out up to 275,000 passports to foreigners every year under new rules on “earning citizenship”. Even criminals can get a passport after five years without re-offending.

Migrationwatch UK, which has done so much to expose the disaster of mass immigration, has produced a briefing paper showing that Labour’s PBS policy, and by implication the vague restrictions suggested by the Tories, cannot prevent this demographic disaster from overwhelming Britain. Sir Andrew Green, Migrationwatch UK Chairman, said that the population of the UK today is already 61 million. “According to official projections, it will rise to 70 million by 2028. Seventy per cent of this growth is thanks to immigration — now running at a net level of 237,000 a year. If the UK’s population is not to hit 70 million later in the century (within 20 years), there must be a reduction in net migration of the order of 75 per cent from the present level to about 60,000 a year.” Importantly, the paper adds: “Even so there would be a population increase of nearly 10 million — almost all of it in England — roughly equivalent to adding the population of Sweden to that of England.”

As much as one can commend the work that Sir Andrew has done over the past five years, we cannot agree with his proposal for dealing with the immigration nightmare with a “balanced migration” option (also supported by UKIP). This means that the numbers leaving the country, mainly Brits escaping from the effects of Afro-Asian immigration, are balanced with those entering. Because of the higher population growth of most immigrant families already here over native Britons, we would still be demographically overwhelmed even if it takes a little longer.

This commitment to preserving the majority indigenous makeup of Britain is what divides the BNP from all other political parties in Britain.

Originally published on the website of the British National Party.

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