Karma comes to visit

Darrell Kinney, Terry Jackson, Demetrius WilliamsWhen karma comes to visit, it doesn’t always knock softly on your door.

Judge Susan Dlott, a liberal federal judge who, in effect, outlawed racial profiling in Cincinnati, has become a victim of black violence, committed by three black men who invaded her home.

It is possible that, some months beforehand, the three black attackers might have been picked up by the police regarding a different crime, but they were not stopped by law enforcement, because it would have been considered “racial profiling”.

Political Correctness is an anti-white ideology that ignores realities, and leads to an increased level of violence, because it ties the hands of police officers behind their backs.

The reality is that there is a highly disproportionate level of black-on-white violence, and that such violence is overwhelmingly carried out by young black males. Young black men are disproportionately the perpetrators of robberies, rapes, and murders in the USA.

Paul Joseph Watson has written that “Despite making up just 13% of the population, blacks commit around half of homicides in the United States. DOJ statistics show that between 1980 and 2008, blacks committed 52% of homicides, compared to 45% of homicides committed by whites. . . . From 2011 to 2013, 38.5 per cent of people arrested for murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault were black. This figure is three times higher than the 13% black population figure. When you account for the fact that black males aged 15-34, who account for around 3% of the population, are responsible for the vast majority of these crimes, the figures are even more staggering. . . . A black male is 40 times as likely to assault a white person as the reverse. These figures also show that interracial rape is almost exclusively black on white.” And just in case it was thought that the disproportionate rate of arrests of blacks was because of “police racism”, Weston points out that “The National Crime Victimization Survey shows that the number of blacks arrested generally correlates with the number of offenders identified as black by victims.”

In the past, when a crime had been committed in a predominantly white area, if the police saw a group of young black men walking down the street nearby, they would stop them and question them, and possibly search them if they have “probable cause” (e.g. a screwdiver sticking out of one of their pockets, which could have been used to prise open a window).

These common-sense policing techniques led to the apprehension of many burglars. However, now that anti-white liberals have brought lawsuits against various police forces for “racial discrimination”, police are very hesitant to use such tried-and-true policing techniques, as they could be sued for “racial profiling”. And therefore more and more crimes are being committed, and the perpetrators are getting away with it, leading to even more crime, creating a situation where people are becoming increasingly unsafe, even in their own homes.

Judge Dlott found this out the hard way, when her home was invaded by three young black men, and her 79-year-old husband was seriously injured. She ran a mile to a neighbour’s home, where she rang the police (who had already been called to her house, due to another report of suspicious activity at that location).

Despite being against racial profiling, when she called 911, she specifically told them, twice, that the home invaders were black. Even though the police went to her house, she also demanded that the US Marshalls be called too. What a pity ordinary citizens can’t get such extra help from law enforcement.

Here is the transcript of the first part of her call to the police:
Judge: 9-1-1, this is Judge Dlott. We have a home invasion.
Dispatcher: Okay, I have an officer at your house right now.
Judge: Please send more, there’s three black men with guns at our house.
Dispatcher: They’re in your house right now?
Judge: Yes!
Dispatcher: Ok, ok.
Judge: My husband and the dogs are still there. There’s three black men with guns and masks in our house. Call the United States Marshalls. I’m a federal judge, call the Marshalls.
Dispatcher: I will do that.

Judge Susan Dlott lives in a huge house in Indian Hill, in one of the biggest homes in Cincinnati, in one of the richest areas within the city’s metropolitan area. Therefore she has safely ensconced herself from most of the violent crime that the ordinary people of Cincinnati face — violence that has been increased, thanks to the actions of Judge Dlott.

Judge Susan Dlott was lucky that she and her husband weren’t murdered, with a rape thrown in for good measure — because that sort of violence is not a rarity when it comes to home invasions, especially in isolated areas. Whilst it might seem that this anti-white liberal was unlucky to be the victim of a robbery, she actually lives a very safe life, because most rich areas have far less crime than in poor areas (especially in poor areas dominated by poor blacks).

Most anti-white liberals don’t live in areas dominated by blacks, even though they express a strong commitment to Multiculturalism. They want more and more Third World immigration, they want more and more black-dominated areas, they want more and more “diversity” — but they don’t want to live in the areas that they create; they want to avoid the street-level realities of the results of the Multiculturalist ideology that they support and that they push on to others. When it comes to the real world, they want other people to live in the diversity hellholes that they create — they’ll always have a “good reason” why they won’t live in the “culturally enriched” areas that they have spawned.

It only takes a bit of common sense for liberals to see what the long-term results are of what they are doing, but they refuse to look at what is happening; they deny realities, they come up with excuses, they even twist the truth and lie about what is happening — all so they that can continue on with their ill-thought-out “ideal” of a multi-racial world where all races will be wiped out, to be replaced by a multiracial “master race”. In truth, they are motivated by a deep-seated desire to get rid of the entire white race from the face of the Earth, because they hate the reality, the very idea, that white societies are the most successful countries in the world.

Anti-white liberals are evil people who are intent on creating social mayhem, national destruction, and white genocide. They present a “nice face” to the world; but, in actual fact, they are a nasty breed who should not be allowed to peddle their propaganda without being called out on their actual intentions. They willfully enable tens of thousands of bashings, rapes, and murders, and are a major fount of human misery.

Never believe the outward appearance of liberals and Multiculturalists, for their “nice face” obscures the fact that they are paving a road to Hell with their ill-conceived and bull-headed intentions; and millions of innocent people will pay a terrible price for their actions.

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