Taylor Swift, just another rich anti-Western Leftist loony

Taylor Swift Lover song, 900x900Taylor Swift, the world-famous American singer, has been dipping her toes into political waters in recent times.

Swift has many fans in the homosexual and transgender sub-cultures — and she feels a deep connection with such people.

In 2018 Swift urged voters not to support Marsha Blackburn (Republican Party) in the Senate election, attacking Blackburn with a litany of complaints in an Instagram post, ending with “She believes businesses have a right to refuse service to gay couples. She also believes they should not have the right to marry. These are not MY Tennessee values.”

Blackburn’s allegiance to traditional marriage values was obviously upsetting for Swift, so she urged that people vote for Phil Bredesen for the Senate (Bredesen is a member of the Left-wing Democratic Party). Unfortunately for Swift, her preferred candidate lost — Blackburn won the election.

Taylor Swift had avoided politics in the past, but in her Instagram message attacking Marsha Blackburn she nailed her colours to the mast:

“I’ve been reluctant to publicly voice my political opinions, but due to several events in my life and in the world in the past two years, I feel very differently about that now.
… I believe in the fight for LGBTQ rights, and that any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender is WRONG.
I believe that the systemic racism we still see in this country towards people of color is terrifying, sickening and prevalent.
I cannot vote for someone who will not be willing to fight for dignity for ALL Americans, no matter their skin color, gender or who they love.”

In April 2019, she donated $160,000 to the Tennessee Equality Project, a pro-LGBTQ/QWERTY group.

Funnily enough, within months, in June 2019 she was attacked in the mainstream media for her music video “You Need To Calm Down”, which was obviously designed by her as a propaganda exercise in favour of homosexuals and other QWERTY misfits. Instead of heaping upon her uncritical acclaim, various homos and trannies had a hissy fit, saying that it included bad stereotyping and furthered marginalisation. Some thought her video was political profiteering, with one point of view being “it’s another example of Swift strategically aligning herself with a community and movement in order to boost sales … Through visually and lyrically showing her support for LGBTQI rights and featuring a bunch of queer celebrities in her clip, Swift stands to gain millions of dollars”.

At that stage, Swift hadn’t realised just how bad the Leftist-created “I’m offended” culture had become. When it comes to Political Correctness, the revolution often eats its young (although, if they’re as big a celebrity as Taylor Swift, then they might be regurgitated, so that they can have another go at joining in the cultural insurgency).

Swift clearly supports the normalisation of homosexuality and transgenderism, as well as which she thinks that “systemic racism” against blacks is everywhere. Clearly, she hasn’t been paying attention to the fact that the pro-multiracialist political elite has been in power for decades, and, in fact, the only prevalent and rising racism in America is against white people — with white men in particular being targeted.

However, in the nutcase world of Taylor Swift’s fantasyland, everyone who isn’t a heterosexual white male are the ones who are being set upon. Swift is quoted by Pink News (guess which side of the hetero/homo divide that website is on) as saying “Rights are being stripped from basically everyone who isn’t a straight white cisgender male.” Uh-huh, sure they are (and here’s a nice new white jacket with wrap-around long sleeves for you).

According to Swift, she supported Hillary Clinton for the presidency, but decided not to publicly back her, as she was afraid that Trump’s people would point her out as just another Leftist celebrity endorsement for Hillary, and that she would become a political liability.

Swift has not only betrayed Western Civilisation regarding the issue of traditional marriage, but she also supports the demographic destruction of the West as well.

Taylor Swift has thrown her support behind the Great Replacement, the demographic genocide of the white race. During her years of avoiding politics, Swift’s big-time music videos about relationships didn’t show Swift with a black beau, but just recently she has been making up for lost time by peddling multiracialist propaganda with her new music video, “Lover”, in which she physically fawns all over a faux black boyfriend.

Presumably the propaganda message that she is pushing is something like “Hey, look, Taylor Swift has a black lover, every white female should get one too” (perhaps every white male as well, considering Swift’s penchant for the homosexual agenda).

Perhaps the best thing that could be said about Taylor Swift is that she has produced a handful of decent songs out of the several hundred tunes that she has pumped out; but, then again, it has been said that Joseph Stalin was a half-decent poet and Adolf Hitler was a half-decent painter — someone might like an artist’s creative output, but that certainly doesn’t mean that you have to agree with their politics. Coincidentally, Stalin was linked to genocide against Ukrainians, Hitler was linked to genocide against Jews, and here we have Swift linked to the demographic genocide of white Americans — it’s on a different scale, but the intent is clear.

It’s funny how Swift talks about “MY Tennessee values”, because they certainly aren’t the values of Real Tennessee — indeed, it’s obvious that the pioneers, builders, and forebears of today’s Tennessee would be turning in their graves if they could see the Brave New World that Taylor Swift and her fellow-travellers are pushing.

Of course, Taylor Swift’s Tennessee is a lot different to the Tennessee of the ordinary people. Her father was a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch, whilst her mother was a mutual fund marketing executive. Taylor Swift’s Tennessee is one of big houses, large estates, and gated communities; whilst the ordinary folk of Tennessee struggle with their everyday lives — including trying to fight back against the pro-homosexual propaganda that Leftist teachers are shoving down the throats of their children at school, and (depending on the area) avoiding black gangs and black drug dealers on the streets.

With an estimated fortune of $360 million, Swift can well afford to live in her ivory tower, surrounded by sycophants, and accompanied by armed guards. However, the ordinary people have to deal with the mean streets and real struggles.

It’s all very well for Miss Multi-Millionaire Swift to be lecturing and propagandising for her Leftist Utopia, but she has no idea of what’s happening in the real world, let alone being aware of the long-term destructive consequences of undermining traditional values and promoting racial destruction.

In many ways, Taylor Swift is a typical example of the globalist cultural “elite”. She mouths all of these inane and insane anti-Western and anti-traditional clichés, but she doesn’t live in the real world, so she doesn’t really know what she’s talking about; nor does she possess the patriotism or foresight to fathom the destructive consequences of her actions.

The ruling cultural “elite” is pro-homosexual, pro-transsexual, and pro-multiracialism — and Taylor Swift is simply another rich elitist spouting the Establishment’s line. How very brave of her (not). The wealthy spoilt traitor Taylor Swift is just another stupid sheep blindly bleating the obedient opinions and puerile platitudes of the rich ruling class. Western Civilisation needs homogeneous white nations in order to survive, but it certainly doesn’t need Taylor Swift.

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