Dana Loesch vs. Piers Morgan

There is an interesting video on YouTube of a debate on the firearms issue. As always, the anti-gun campaigners use false propaganda and loaded terms (no pun intended) as part of their debating methodology.

Van Jones says that there are “military-style weapons on the streets of America” (6.25 min.), but Dana Loesch counters by explaining that he is using a false premise.

Dana Loesch argues that “There is a deliberate effort to conflate the types of firearms. I do not own a military-style assault weapon, just because — what, a firearm looks scary? — then you call it ‘military assault’? Do you realise that one of my children has a BB gun that looks like an AR-15? Is that going to be considered a military-style assault weapon?” (7.25)

Anti-gun propagandists commonly try to use terms like “assault weapons”; but, as Dana Loesch points out, even a spoon can be an “assault weapon”. (8.15)

Slimy Piers Morgan then tries to twist her words as her saying that she is equating ‘stabbing someone with a spoon’ with a gun massacre, when — in fact — it was quite obvious that she was pointing out that anti-gun people are using the term “assault weapon” as a propaganda term.

Whilst Van Jones and Piers Morgan say they are not asking for gun confiscation (which is what the anti-gun campaigners in Australia said, right up until the time when they confiscated semi-auto rifles off the general population), it appears that gun confiscation is indeed the hidden agenda of the anti-gun lobbyists.

In fact, in the debate, Piers Morgan says that he wants “zero gun deaths”. It is blatantly obvious that the only way to achieve “zero gun deaths” is by having zero gun; i.e. Piers Morgan is saying that he wants total gun confiscation, but he then denies that confiscation is what he is after.

Total gun confiscation would lower the amount of deaths by gun, but would simply increase the number of deaths by other means, as well as increasing the general level of violence committed by criminals. When gun ownership goes down, home invasions, robberies, rapes, and murders go up.

Piers Morgan, like so many others of his ilk, is a slimy propagandist who cannot be trusted. Piers Morgan, the “slimy limey”, is just another part of the Culture War against our traditional way of life.

Don’t trust anti-gun campaigners when they deny they want gun confiscation — because that is exactly what they want.

Dana Loesch rips Leftist Piers Morgan and Commie Van Jones on gun control , Nomorcocktails (YouTube channel), 29 March 2013

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