Illegal immigrants in churches

Churches help the illegals, 900x900Thousands of illegal immigrants are now living inside US churches, having taken up “sanctuary” in those locations. The churches are hiding them from the immigration authorities, to stop the illegals from being deported.

Unfortunately, the immigration authorities are too chicken to raid the churches, as they’re afraid of being made to look bad in the mainstream media. Being full of Leftists and Multiculturalists, the media would undoubtedly do a smear job against the government, but so what? As the saying goes, “needs must when the devil drives” — and it is the Leftists and Multiculturalists who are driving our civilisation to its destruction.

Placing a fine upon an illegal immigrant is a good idea, but if they don’t pay they’ll have to be arrested anyway.

Any administration with backbone would simply go into the churches, arrest the law-breakers (i.e. criminals), and deport them.

However, if the authorities are too weak to even do that, there are other tactics that can be used.

Usually if someone aids another person in breaking the law, then that person is liable to be charged as an accomplice, and that situation is no different in this case.
With regards to illegal immigration, US law states that it is a criminal offence if someone “conceals, harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection” an illegal immigrant.
After the authorities gather enough evidence to show that a church is directly aiding and abetting criminal acts (in this case, directly helping someone to break immigration laws), then that church should be fined an amount large enough to deter them from breaking the law again.
An easy solution to deal with criminals and their associates.

To use an analogy, illegal immigrants are like druggies, seeking a product; the criminal churches are like drug dealers, providing access to the product. There’s no point arresting the druggies, unless you arrest the drug dealers as well. Both need to be dealt with.

Just because it’s a church which is engaging in criminal activity doesn’t mean that they should be above the law.

Illegal immigration is a criminal activity. Illegal immigrants are criminals. They should be dealt with accordingly.

When illegal immigrants are caught, they shouldn’t just be deported, as all they have to do is just turn around and cross the border again. There should be an effective deterrent to engaging in illegal immigration. For example, the criminals (illegal immigrants) could be sentenced to serve time in jail with hard labour, whether that is breaking rocks, being used for menial labour in sewerage farms, or whatever (no doubt suitable activities can be found). The deterrent must be substantial, not a slap on the wrist.

Professor Mario Garcia has likened the current crop of church law-breakers to the “sanctuary movement” of the 1980s, whereby about 2000 churches declared themselves to be safe havens for illegals. Garcia says that virtually all of those were Catholic churches — which should come as no surprise, considering that the Catholic church spent decades shielding one type of criminal (pedophile priests), and now they’ve moved on to shielding yet another type of criminal (illegal immigrants).

The churches involved are helping to hide illegal immigrants because liberal Christians have turned against Western Civilisation; they have become just another branch of Cultural Marxism, seeking to destroy the West.

They see how successful the West is, compared to the Third World, so they wring their hands, and demand that we give more and more of our taxes to poor countries. Their feelings of guilt over our hard-won success have made them hate their own people, and that’s why they cannot stand the existence of majority-white countries (especially rich ones), so they support Third World immigration — and they support illegal immigration because doing so brings in yet more Third Worlders.

They hate themselves so much, they hate their own race and nation so much, that they clap and cheer when they hear that their country’s level of “diversity” (i.e. more non-whites) is increasing. The statistics tell them that the white population is becoming a minority, and they long for the day when the white race is no more.

These evil, evil people are driving Western Civilisation down the road to hell — and that road is giving us a bumpy ride, even though the so-called “do-gooders” have paved it with their supposed “good intentions”. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, they look all nice and peaceful, but they are actually hell-bent on carrying out a programme of demographic genocide against the white race, so that our people will no longer exist.

In the USA, as well as in many other Western countries around the world, illegal immigration is an integral part of the immigration-driven demographic genocide of the white Western nations. We must tackle that aspect of the anti-Western agenda, as well as oppose the many other parts of that perfidious programme.

We must not only fight against the influx of illegal immigrants, but — perhaps even more importantly — we must also fight those who would aid and abet them.

To stop illegal immigration we must end the “soft glove” approach. If we are to save our people from demographic destruction, then we need to get serious about the solutions.

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