The depravity of the West is sinking to new lows

Coronavirus, no butts, 900x900Thanks to the machinations of assorted liberals, hippies, and weak-kneed conservatives, Western Civilisation is seriously close to facilitating its own destruction. With the promotion of Cultural Marxism, Globalism, Multiculturalism, and sexual depravity within the West — along with masses of Third World immigration from outside of the West, leading to the Great Replacement of the European peoples — our civilisation appears to be nearing its end.

The depravity of the West has sunk to new lows in recent years, with drag queen storytimes for children in libraries, government-backed homosexual mardi gras, homosexual marriages, a push to regard “transsexuals” as “normal”, and the widespread promotion of the idea that there are more than two genders (with alternatives ranging from three to hundreds of supposed genders). The West, poisoned from within, has become degenerate, disgusting, and depraved.

An extract from a government warning re. the Coronavirus (Los Angeles)

An extract from a government warning re. the Coronavirus (Los Angeles)

The advent of the Coronavirus (Chinese Virus) pandemic has provided us with yet another example of how this has become a sick sad world.

Government brochures are now being distributed in America with instructions on how to avoid the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The guidelines include the following warning:

“Rimming (mouth on anus) might spread COVID-19. Virus in feces may enter your mouth.”

A Twitter post from the government warning re. the Coronavirus (Oregon)

A Twitter post from the government warning re. the Coronavirus (Oregon)

Why is this warning even necessary?

The practice of “rimming”, i.e. licking (and/or kissing, sucking, or penetrating with the tongue) the anus of a sexual partner, is a homosexual activity — a sexual behaviour which would only be carried out by people who are a bunch of sick degenerates. Whilst the practice was invented by homosexuals, it has also been used by a small percentage of sick heterosexuals (those who have become deeply depraved, having lowered their standards of basic human behaviour).

Apparently, even at the best of times, licking someone’s anus (where human shit comes out of) is a bit of a health hazard — who knew? You would have thought that it would be one of the most obvious things in the world that this was a bad idea. Then add the Coronavirus into the mix, and it becomes even unhealthier.

A social media comment on depravity and the Coronavirus

A social media comment on depravity and the Coronavirus

When it becomes necessary for the government to issue a warning to tell people to stop licking each other’s arseholes, then you know that your civilisation has become badly broken, that it has deteriorated to an enormous extent, almost to the point where it should all be burned down, so that we can start over again.

However, there is always hope. There is a small resurgence of social conservatism, whereby people are promoting and defending traditional Western values. It is incumbent upon all of us to reinforce the ranks of traditionalists, in order to save our society. Indeed, the rise of good and worthy people is our only hope.

A social media comment on depravity and the Coronavirus

A social media comment on depravity and the Coronavirus

Western Civilisation is skating on the rim of the abyss and we need to reclaim our society before it descends into total depravity and destruction, from which our people may never recover.

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Note: The plural of “mardi gras” is “mardis gras”, although nowadays “mardi gras” is accepted for both singular and plural usage. The term means “Fat Tuesday” in French (mardi – Tuesday; gras – fat) referring to the day before Lent (when a period of fasting commenced), whereby people would eat up all of their stocks of food which would be banned during the Lent season.

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