Women cyclists lose to a transgender

A transgender “woman” cyclist Lesley (Wesley) Mumford, came 1st (out of 14) in the women’s 40-49 age group in the Colorado to Utah gravel race. He used to be a SWAT leader with the police, so it would make sense that he would have a decent level of fitness.[1]

The women who came 2nd and 3rd in the same age category were nowhere to be seen; it was believed that they refused to stand on the podium with him, which would be a reasonable reaction, since he “stole” first place as a man (pretending to be a woman) in a woman’s category. However, at least one of the competitors denied that was the case.[2]

Nonetheless, Mumford knew that he was taking the spot from a woman, but he obviously didn’t care. He issued a statement on Instagram, saying that he didn’t know why no-one else was on the podium with him: “I have no idea why so many people bailed before the podiums, but they did. I swear I wasn’t the only one in my age group.”[3]

Another Twitter user answered “They bailed because you cheated. You’re a man competing against women.”[4]

Let’s face it, if a man can pretend to be a woman, then it wouldn’t be too hard for him to pretend that he didn’t suspect why he was the only one standing up on the podium.

The “i_heart__bikes” account on Twitter reported the event in the following way:

“The CO2UT gravel race was yesterday.
Trans-identified male cyclist Lesley (Wesley) Mumford was 1 in the women’s 40-49 age group (out of 14) and 6/33 for women overall on the 100 mile course.
Lesley doesn’t know why no one else showed up for the podium!”[5]

It was reported that “The event has a non-binary category, but Mumford chose to enter as a woman instead.” Well, of course, that makes sense; after all, he is a woman, isn’t he? Why would you enter a competition as a “non-binary” person, when you’re already a “woman” (albeit an ugly woman with an Adam’s apple)?[6]

Mumford thanked his team for their support. As it turns out, the name of his team is the “Ride Or Die Collective”. Usually, when a group calls themselves a “Collective”, it’s a Leftist group (unless the name is being used as a joke, as a parody regarding Leftist idiocy); so, we can reasonably assume that the “Ride Or Die Collective” are a bunch of Leftist or Woke types, with Mumford as a valued member of their team. Go figure.[7]

A meme of Homer Simpson reinventing himself as a woman

The denizens of the internet have their own thoughts on the matter; a common refrain is that some men who don’t do well in men’s sports have transferred to women’s sports, where they can become national champions. As a humourous example of this, there is a meme of Homer Simpson reinventing himself as a woman, with the heading “Male athletes when they’re terrible at sports”.[8]

Britt Mayer, co-founder of The Battle Cry (an organisation campaigning against transgender athletes in women’s sports) said “As it gets worse, I think that women are becoming a lot stronger in their convictions and realizing what’s at stake.” Mayer warned that if women don’t speak up, that said the transgender trend will “become this tidal wave that absolutely destroyed women’s sports”.[9]

Whilst it could be a good tactic to leave a pretender standing on the podium all by himself whilst he basks in his ill-gotten acclamation, it may not be enough. Let’s face it, if you’re a man who is nutty enough to want to identify as a woman, then you’re nutty enough to not care if no-one else shows up on the podium. Someone who is willing to pretend to be a woman in front of the entire world is unlikely to be someone who is publicly shamed very easily.

Maybe female athletes could ratchet it up a notch, by taking their places on the podium, but standing with their backs to the judges. This might be a more obvious display of their displeasure at being cheated out of their proper recognition in their sport.

However, the only real solution is to get the rules changed. Lobby your sports officials to change the rules, so that people born as biological males can’t be placed in women’s sporting competitions or in women’s sporting categories. If they refuse to change the rules, then campaign and get rid of them, and elect a normal person in their place.

All of this pandering to the nutcasery of the Left has to stop. Sex and gender cannot be changed willy-nilly. Women’s rights in sports must be defended against the encroachment of men who want to be females. Pretending that men can be women, or visa versa, is symptomatic of Clown World, a messed-up place where Leftists, neo-Communists, and various varieties of Woke idiots roam free. Let’s get rid of all that Cultural Marxist nonsense, and go back to being a normal society again.

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