Senator Fraser Anning’s maiden speech

[This is the maiden speech by Senator Fraser Anning, in the Australian Senate, 14 August 2018.] Thank you, Mr. President. I am pleased to advise this is my first speech. On the 6th of February, 1890, Sir Henry Parkes, the man who was to become the ‘Father of our Federation’, spoke to assembled delegates at […]

Anzac Day: Lest we forget

The 25th of April is Anzac Day, an important date in the calendar of Australian patriotism, which commemorates the landing of the Australian forces at Gallipoli in 1915, as well as being a time to remember the sacrifices of the Australian military in all wars. Lots of people say that they honour the sacrifices of […]

Dana Loesch vs. Piers Morgan

There is an interesting video on YouTube of a debate on the firearms issue. As always, the anti-gun campaigners use false propaganda and loaded terms (no pun intended) as part of their debating methodology. Van Jones says that there are “military-style weapons on the streets of America” (6.25 min.), but Dana Loesch counters by explaining […]

The media vs. the Australian flag

Every year, without fail, the media in Australia use Australia Day as an excuse to push their anti-flag agenda, or their pro-republic agenda, or both. This year, the Multiculturalists over at Channel 7’s “Sunrise” programme are touting replacements for the Australian flag. They have put up a poll for people to vote for the current […]

Sexual assaults in Cologne, Germany — and the Multiculturalist response

As most people watching the news would have seen, there has been quite a furore over the New Year’s Eve incidents where hundreds of Third World refugees sexually molested women in Cologne, Germany — and, as it turned out, also in a number of other German cities, as well as in several other European countries. […]

Alert over mysterious terrorists

A report on the Sky News site (via the Reuters news agency) says that the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Brussels were cancelled because of the possibility of a terrorism attack from militants — but it doesn’t even mention who these militants could possibly be. Brussels cancels NYE events over terror alert Authorities in the […]

Shannon Johnson, hero of San Bernardino

In the midst of the Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Shannon Johnson shielded a 27-year-old female co-worker, Denise Peraza, with his own body during the shootings; he died, but she lived (Denise was shot once in the back, but survived). This is a true hero — someone who places their life at risk in […]

Black crime in the USA is out of control

Black crime is a major problem in the United States, but most of the media are either too Politically Correct to address the issue or too afraid to do so, because they could lose their jobs due to PC authoritarianism. If white crime statistics were like this, the media would be crowing about it from […]

Karma comes to visit

When karma comes to visit, it doesn’t always knock softly on your door. Judge Susan Dlott, a liberal federal judge who, in effect, outlawed racial profiling in Cincinnati, has become a victim of black violence, committed by three black men who invaded her home. It is possible that, some months beforehand, the three black attackers […]

Deck the Halls with Allahu Akbar

Whilst Christmas carols are being banned in some schools, other schools are telling their children to sing “Allahu Akbar” in a song at their end-of-year “Holiday Concert”. Well, actually, the kiddies are not “their children” — but the little tykes certainly are the recipients of the continuous propaganda being pushed upon them by Multiculturalist teachers, […]