SBS propaganda against Cory Bernardi

Saw a big headline for a page attacking Cory Bernardi, followed by a long list of Tweets that make him look like an idiot. The SBS headline screamed “Deleted Cory Bernardi tweets recovered”. Really? Wow! What had Cory Bernardi done? What was he trying to cover up? The SBS article stated: Conservative Senator Cory Bernardi […]

Traditionalist Russia and the future of the West

It is ironic that Russia, once dominated by the Communist Party with its very anti-Western ideology, is now in some ways a bastion of traditionalist Western thinking. Of course, much of the thanks for them sticking to their traditionalist roots goes to the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as to the nature of the Russian […]

Ham sandwiches to be banned?

The effects of Third Word immigration and Islamification continue. Some new guidelines on “communal kitchen etiquette for the workplace” have been drawn up, to be presented to employer groups. High on the list of things not to do is to put your ham sandwiches (or other pork products) in the fridge at work. How soon […]

The Alpha Phi sorority and the crime of being too white

The Alpha Phi sorority at the University of Alabama released a recruitment video, on YouTube, of its members having a good time and enjoying each others’ company. But the resulting howls of hatred from the minions of Political Correctness were deafening; and they were gleefully aided by the usual troublemakers of the mainstream media. Condemnations […]

Black killings of white people cause very little media outrage

Omar Sheriff Thornton, a black man, got caught stealing from his workplace, agreed to resign, but then shot and killed eight white people at his work — and then he rang 911 and said he did it because they were “racist”. Sure, Omar, everyone is “racist”, nothing to do with you being a low-life who […]

Real Family flags

Activists from the United Russia party, who are promoters of traditional family values, have created a flag to celebrate that way of life. Their flag-based campaign has arisen in the face of moves being made to legitimise homosexual lifestyles and behaviours in many Western nations. Under the image of a family with three children is […]

The Building Blocks of Genocide

Genocide: The destruction of a distinct people by acts of violence or demographic displacement, e.g. immigration-driven genocide. Legal oppression: The implementation of laws designed to harass, fine, and jail the defenders of a people; passing laws against free speech to silence those speaking out in defence of their people, e.g. legally perverse so-called “vilification” laws. […]