Universities, Cultural Marxism, and Leftist brainwashing

Universities, Cultural Marxism, and Leftist brainwashing, 900x900It is a modern axiom that the universities of the West are overwhelmingly Leftist and anti-Western. For decades, universities in Western countries have been pushing an anti-Western agenda and an anti-white narrative.

The Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism
The USA has been at the forefront of the growth of Cultural Marxism. However, whilst American universities have had many of their own homegrown Leftist academics, the real rise of Cultural Marxism came about with the arrival of the Frankfurt School teachers.

Whilst the development of this Leftist trend can be traced back to the violent excesses of the French Revolution, its modern origin occurred with the creation of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Frankfurt (Germany) by Felix Weil, a Jewish German-Argentine Marxist, who used his grandfather’s money to fund the establishment of the Institute.

The Institute for Social Research was a pro-Marxist teaching body, and its teachers and followers came to be collectively known as the Frankfurt School. However, in the 1930s, the leading lights of the Frankfurt School felt compelled to flee the rise of Nazism in Europe — which, for them, was probably a timely move, as the majority of the Frankfurt School intellectuals were of Jewish origin.

The academics of the Frankfurt School brought new ideas to the American Left, and their influence became widespread within American universities. They brought with them the idea of Critical Theory, a concept developed by Marxists for critiquing the capitalist status quo. Those ideas permeated throughout American academia, and subsequently permeated the intellectual elites of other Western countries.

In line with their anti-capitalist and anti-Western leanings, Cultural Marxist academics have been promoting a wide range of ideas to undermine the status quo, from small to large, such as Marxism and anti-capitalism, Leftist feminism and the destruction of traditional families, homosexuality and transgenderism, as well as Multiculturalism and anti-nationalism.

If the average citizen was able to view the overwhelmingly Leftist agenda and Cultural Marxist bias being taught at universities, they would be horrified. The Leftist agenda is commonly taught as “fact”, with counter-viewpoints only being shown in such ways as to denigrate and demonise them. The Leftist agenda is especially prevalent in the Arts courses (including journalism, history, philosophy, and sociology).

The unconscionable and dominant Leftist bias at those institutions, which should be even-handed places of learning, can only be described a subtle (or, sometimes, not so subtle) form of brainwashing. All too often impressionable youngsters enter universities as ordinary students and exit a few years later as dyed-in-the-wool Leftist radicals and Marxist sycophants; the radicalisation of young university students is an outcome which is all too familiar in Western countries.

Dennis Altman: An example of Leftist university values
A recent reminder of the Cultural Marxist domination of universities comes with the advertisements on social media from Monash University Publishing, which has been promoting the latest book of one of Monash University’s professors: Unrequited Love: Diary of an Accidental Activist, by Dennis Altman.

Dennis Patkin Altman, working as a Professorial Fellow in Human Security at La Trobe University, is a Leftist academic and a homosexual activist; born in Sydney to an immigrant Jewish couple from central Europe, he grew up in Tasmania, then obtained a Fulbright scholarship at Cornell University (New York), where he fell in with various American homosexual activists. He has taught students at the University of Sydney and at La Trobe University.

Altman has written various books, including Homosexual: Oppression and Liberation, Coming Out in the seventies, The Homosexualization of America, AIDS in the Mind of America, and The Comfort of Men — all of which seem to share a common theme.

Being a radical homosexual Leftist activist, it should come as no surprise that Altman is on the staff of La Trobe University, and that the university publishing house is pushing his latest work. Homosexuality is a key component in the Cultural Marxist agenda, in their drive to destabilise the traditional cultures of Western Civilisation, and therefore the universities leave no stone unturned in their drive to normalise homosexuality.

The decline of Western Civilisation
As far as the Establishment is concerned, the fight for homosexuality has been won. However, the Cultural Marxists are not content to stop with the normalisation of homosexuality, as can be seen with their subsequent push to normalise transgenderism, along with their “fiction masquerading as fact” line that there are more than two genders — it’s now anybody’s guess as to how many genders there are meant to be: 31, 33, 58, 71, or infinity (the actual number is 2, male and female). Moves have already been made for what could be the next battle in the Culture War, the normalisation of pedophilia.

The Cultural Marxists are determined to ruin Western Civilisation. In turn, we must be strong and unrelenting in our determination not to let them.

It has been said that every civilisation goes through a number of stages — pioneering, commerce, affluence, intellectualism, and decadence. It seems to be that we are now in the stage of decadence, with excessive consumption, celebrity elites, and a rise in debauchery (including wanton drug-taking and oddball sexual pursuits), along with malcontents, subversives, and traitors attaining prevailing power amongst the ruling Establishment and cultural elites.

A large part of the fault for the decline of the West lies with the universities. Those institutions are charged with the role of educating and preparing our intellectual elites to take on future roles as administrators, doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc. — to become the future leaders of the nation — but, instead, they have been brainwashing our young impressionable students into the ways of Cultural Marxism and anti-Western treachery.

Our universities need to be thoroughly revamped, with the Marxists, radical socialists, and other assorted ratbags to be replaced by teachers who can teach in an unbiased and even-handed manner, educating our students to think for themselves, instead of being taught (brainwashed) to think for the Communist Revolution or for the Cultural Marxist crowd of miscreants.

When traitors are running the country, it’s time for the oppressed to rise up and reclaim their heritage.

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