The case of Malka Leifer and sexual abuse inside the ultra-othrodox Adass sub-culture is a sad indictment of Multiculturalism

Malka Leifer

Malka Leifer

The insular nature of Adass, an ultra-othrodox Jewish sub-culture, has meant that a plethora of young girls were left vulnerable to sexual abuse.

Cultural differences are celebrated by the ideology of Multiculturalism, but what happens when certain cultural practices harm people, or leave them wide-open to harm?

The then principal of the Adass Israel School, Mrs. Malka Leifer, was accused of molesting a number of young girls, so she fled to Israel, where for five years she has been avoiding facing 74 criminal charges in Australia.

However, when it comes to child sex allegations, a pertinent question arises — can the Australian-Jewish victims get justice from Israel?

It is alleged that Israeli supporters of the Adass culture may have been involved in trying to stop the extradition of Malka Leifer to Australia.

The Guardian says that “Malka Leifer’s court hearings in Jerusalem have been plagued by delays, allegations of contempt and, most seriously, accusations that a senior Israeli cabinet minister may have used his power to stall the trial and prevent her deportation.”[1]

It has been alleged that Leifer has been using dodgy tactics to avoid extradition from Israel to Australia, such as (allegedly) pretending to be mentally incompetent. One of the now-adult victims, Ms Dassi Erlich, has said that the excuse of poor mental health was simply a tactic to avoid extradition. Facing 74 counts of child sexual abuse, it is little wonder that Leifer doesn’t want to return to Australia.[2]

As the ABC opined, “Mother-of-eight Malka Leifer looked like the perfect school principal until she was accused of being a sexual predator”.
Part of the problem was the oppressive atmosphere in which the children were raised in the ultra-orthodox sub-culture, where their school denied them common access to knowledge of the outside world.
Some children were mentally and physically abused at home, and that lack of love made them an easy target for sexual exploitation from someone in a respected position, especially in a sub-culture where knowledge of certain subjects was forbidden.
Books for children were heavily censored, with black textas being used to block out “offending” sentences.
Sharon Swialto, a former teacher at the Adass Israel School, said that she was not allowed to discuss sex with her students, not even being able to use the word “sex”; her students didn’t even know what the word “romance” meant.[3]

When the victims finally spoke out and told their story, they and their supporters were shunned inside the confines of the Adass sub-culture.
However, things took a darker turn when two men flew from Israel to England to threaten the older sister of one of the outspoken victims, in an attempt to intimidate her into influencing her younger sisters to stop their support for the criminal case against Malka Leifer. She refused.
One of the sisters, in Australia, related that “Within two weeks of these men coming to visit, my sister passed away, at age 39, from heart-related issues”.[4]

The whole mess is a tragic story. Whilst child abuse can happen in any society, the fact is that it is far easier for a predator to get away with it in a secretive and sexually-repressive closed sub-culture.

Multiculturalism celebrates “different cultures” everywhere, and often contributes to the separation of closed sub-cultures by providing funding for their isolationist institutions. However, it has to be realised that some cultures and sub-cultures are often strange and sometimes dangerous, whether to those inside or outside.

Multiculturalism continues apace in Western society, propped up by the anti-Westerners of both the Left and Right, with integral support being provided by the Multiculturalists in the mainstream media and educational institutions.

The political ideology of Multiculturalism is being propped up by massive government propaganda and funding — but it’s not the cultural wonderland that it’s supposed to be.

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