Candace Owens vs. Kathleen Belew

Candace Owens, 600x450A video recently uploaded on Twitter shows black conservative Candace Owens acquitting herself quite well versus a slimy white Leftist — with the assistance of two conservative politicians, Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Mark Meadows (both Republicans) — during a Congressional hearing.

In passing, it should be noted that this incident was connected to a wider discussion about the “threat” of white nationalism and “white supremacy”.

The dodgy Leftist in question was Dr. Kathleen Belew, Assistant Professor of US History at the University of Chicago, who is the author of Bring the War Home: The White Power Movement & Paramilitary America. Her website says that “Her award-winning teaching centers on the broad themes of race, gender, violence, identity, and the meaning of war”. No prizes for guessing what sort of person she is.

After the hearing, Kathleen Belew said on Twitter:

“So honored to testify before Congress today–I’ve dedicated my life to the study of white power violence because I think it’s such a huge social problem, and I thank my fellow panelists & everyone who tuned in to watch. This topic deserves our attention & our good-faith efforts.”

Kathleen Belew (wearing glasses) lectures Candace Owens

Kathleen Belew (wearing glasses) lectures Candace Owens

However, Belew was not acting in good-faith — because, as liberals so often do, she tried to mischaracterise the oppostion; in this case, she defamed Owens by saying that she had said that the Christchurch massacre was “hilarious”. This bit of misinformation, or negative propaganda, was obviously designed to make Owens look bad.

Luckily, Rep. Meadows was backing Owens all the way, and gave her his time in the hearing to defend herself; without that, she would have been steamrolled, without hardly a chance to defend herself (as so often occurs at Congressional hearings).

Candace Owens strongly fought back against the Leftist propaganda, stating:

“You know that white supremacy and white nationalism is nowhere near, ranks nowhere near, the top of the issues that are facing black America. And the reason that you are bringing them up in this room is because it is an attempt to make the election all about race…

[Candace is interrupted by chaired by Rep. Jamie Raskin (Democrat).]

Every four years you bring up race, and you know exactly what I meant when I said “hilarious”, and you just tried to do “live” what the media does all the time to Republicans, to our president, and to conservatives.

You tried to manipulate what I said to fit your narrative, okay?

I was not referring to the subject matter [saying] that is hilarious. I said it’s hilarious that we are sitting in this room today and I’ve got two doctors and a Mrs., and nobody can give us real numbers that we can respond to, so we can assess how big of a threat this is. Because you know it’s not as big of a threat, as you are trying to make it out to be, so you can manipulate.

And the audacity of you to bring up the Christchurch shooting manifesto and make it seem as if I laughed, at people that were slaughtered by a homicidal maniac, is — in my opinion — absolutely despicable. And I think that we should be above that.

To try to assign reality, or any meaning, to a homicidal maniac writing a manifesto, which — by the way, let the record show — also stated Spyro the Dragon, the child’s cartoon, as a source of inspiration. He also cited Nelson Mandela as a source of information; I don’t think that Nelson Mandela has inspired mosque shootings, you can correct me if you think I’m wrong.

You would rather assign meaning to a homicidal maniac than to actually address the things that I said today, that are actually harming black America:
Number one: father absence.
Number two: the education system and the illiteracy rate.
Illegal immigration ranks high; abortion ranks high.
White supremacy and white nationalism, if I had to make a list again, of one hundred things, would not be on it.

This hearing, in my opinion, is a farce. And it is ironic that you’re sitting here and you’re having three Caucasian people testify and tell you what their expertise are. Do you know what my expertise are? Black in America. I’ve been black in America my whole life, all 30 years, and I can tell you that you guys have done the exact same thing every four years ahead of an election cycle, and it needs to stop.”

It’s always good to see slimebag Leftists being exposed for the liars and propagandists that they are.

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