Dawn Butler is so far left, she’s not right

There’s a video on YouTube of Dawn Butler’s speech to the 2019 Labour Conference (Butler is the Shadow Women & Equalities Secretary for the Labour Party). In this video Butler says: “Black history is British history” [5.29 min.] She is very much wrong. British history is British. Blacks are not British. They can live in […]

Nicky Winmar, a Leftist star [poem]

[A piece of poetry about Nicky Winmar, the well-known Aboriginal footballer and “anti-racism” speaker, who was recently convicted for bashing a taxi driver whilst inebriated.] The aboriginal Nicky Winmar Is a very celebrated Leftist star; Tho’, as someone to look up to, He really doesn’t reach the bar He’d run around a football field, With […]

Boris the Turk [poem]

[A piece of poetry about the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.] Over in Downing Street, you’ll see a big nose lurk, For the PM living there is old Boris the Turk (Ali Kemal was his great-grandfather’s name — A Turkish Muslim, in the diplomacy game) From the grip of the EU, Boris will free the […]

Tough and scary Sammy Dastyari [poem]

[A piece of poetry about Sam Dastyari, an Iranian-born NSW politician, who broke the law when — in a display of Greenie virtue-signalling — he cycled along a Sydney footpath on his way to a hearing of the Independent Commission Against Corruption. Ordinary Australians face a fine of up to $2,200 for riding on a […]

Sam Dastyari, notorious criminal at large

Leftist ratbag Sam Dastyari is in trouble again. Apparently being caught out trying to get financial favours from a Chinese company just wasn’t enough for him. He’s in hot water yet again. Sam Dastyari (real name “Sahand Dastyari”), who was born in Iran, but later became a scummy Leftist politician in Australia, thought he would […]

The Nutcase Premier [poem]

[A piece of poetry about Daniel Andrews, Premier of the state of Victoria (Australia).]. Premier Daniel Andrews is truly a nutcase of a man, He wants to destroy our society, as much as he possibly can; The Premier tells us, that there are many types of gender, But he’s just saying that, to fit his […]