Nicky Winmar, a Leftist star [poem]

Nicky Winmar, at the footy, 350x350[A piece of poetry about Nicky Winmar, the well-known Aboriginal footballer and “anti-racism” speaker, who was recently convicted for bashing a taxi driver whilst inebriated.]

The aboriginal Nicky Winmar
Is a very celebrated Leftist star;
Tho’, as someone to look up to,
He really doesn’t reach the bar

He’d run around a football field,
With his fashionable spiky hair,
Kicking a ball, just like him —
Pumped up with stale hot air

The Left think he’s a role model,
Not as a great scientist or a teacher,
But because he played some football
And became an anti-racist preacher

Famous for lifting up his jumper,
Showing his skin, and being smug —
But his fans are rarely there to see
When he’s being a drunken thug

He showed his football prowess
By pushing some cabbie around,
Then by giving the bloke a kicking
When he was lying on the ground

Apparently, this is the sort of man
That the Left will call a hero —
When, as a role model for our nation,
His actual value is close to zero.

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