The Nutcase Premier [poem]

[A piece of poetry about Daniel Andrews, Premier of the state of Victoria (Australia).].

Daniel Andrews and Drag Queens, 600x400Premier Daniel Andrews is truly a nutcase of a man,
He wants to destroy our society, as much as he possibly can;
The Premier tells us, that there are many types of gender,
But he’s just saying that, to fit his Cultural Marxist agenda

He hangs around transvestites, with grown men dressed in drag,
The Premier loves homosexuals, though he’s apparently not a fag;
Underneath a rainbow banner, he goes forth to have his say,
Many Commies think he’s wonderful, but we all think he’s gay

Daniel Andrews at Melbourne Pride March, 600x400Promoting a queer agenda is just one part of what he’s doing,
As a Cultural Marxist plan is what the Premier’s been pursuing;
His inner-city poofter party is now in a state of euphoria
Because Premier Daniel Andrews is totally wrecking Victoria.

Daniel Andrews on stage, 600x400Relevant reading:
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