Tough and scary Sammy Dastyari [poem]

[A piece of poetry about Sam Dastyari, an Iranian-born NSW politician, who broke the law when — in a display of Greenie virtue-signalling — he cycled along a Sydney footpath on his way to a hearing of the Independent Commission Against Corruption. Ordinary Australians face a fine of up to $2,200 for riding on a footpath, but Sammy got off with a caution.]

Sam Dastyari on a bike, 526x668Down the grim mean streets of Sydney,
Sammy rides along on a Greenie bike —
He flouts the law, just like a boss,
And does whatever he feels like

A dangerous and criminal desperado,
Sam rides straight on through the crowd —
He seems to be just a real quiet guy,
But his virtue-signalling is quite loud

He desperately wanted to be a biker,
To be rough, and tough, and feared —
But the biker gang, they told him:
“No — for us, you’re just too weird”.

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