Sam Dastyari, notorious criminal at large

Sam Dastyaria, biker dude, 332x338Leftist ratbag Sam Dastyari is in trouble again. Apparently being caught out trying to get financial favours from a Chinese company just wasn’t enough for him. He’s in hot water yet again.

Sam Dastyari (real name “Sahand Dastyari”), who was born in Iran, but later became a scummy Leftist politician in Australia, thought he would do a bit of virtue-signalling by riding a bicycle down the footpath to an ICAC hearing.

You could almost hear his thoughts as he cycled along, vainly sending out psychic brain waves to any nearby journalists — “Look at me, look at me! I’ve got Greenie credentials, ’cos I’m riding a bike!”.

However, it was bad news for him, because his environmentally-friendly action was actually breaking the NSW law against adults riding bikes on the footpath (“sidewalk” for our American friends).

The police were duly notified about Dastyari’s desperate antics.

Even though Sahand’s desperado law-breaking escapades didn’t quite reach the heights of Ned Kelly’s outlaw outrages, his actions were definitely in breach of NSW’s mass (or should that be “mess”?) of bureaucratic regulatory legislation.

Ordinary Australians cop these petty fines all the time from nit-picking police constables with nothing better to do, so the real question is — will Sam Dastyari get special treatment regarding his criminal endeavours? Or will he be hit with a fine like everyone else?

The nation holds its breath for the outcome of this earth-shattering legal case.

We await developments.

Whilst ordinary Australians face a fine of up to $2,200 for riding on a footpath, Sammy got off with a caution. Apparently some people can break the law and get away with it, whilst the rest of us have to pay through the nose.

As an aside, Derry Hinch posted a Tweet, saying “Come on Sam. Never crap a crapper. You put your helmet back on for a camera as you walked inside.”
Yep, virtue-signalling confirmed.

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