Boris the Turk [poem]

Boris Johnson, profile left side, 221x250[A piece of poetry about the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.]

Over in Downing Street, you’ll see a big nose lurk,
For the PM living there is old Boris the Turk
(Ali Kemal was his great-grandfather’s name —
A Turkish Muslim, in the diplomacy game)

From the grip of the EU, Boris will free the whole nation,
But what will he do about coloured immigration?
He’ll let lots of them in, from wherever they be —
The black African, the Arab, and the fake refugee

For he doesn’t really care about the people of Britain —
With the Great Replacement, he’s actually quite smitten;
As the UK darkens, he’ll just sit there and smirk —
That big-nosed man, that they call Boris the Turk.

Relevant reading:
Boris Johnson, good for Brexit, bad for Britain, Western Loyalist, 4 September 2019
Ali Kucukgocmen, Turks welcome ‘Ottoman grandson’ Boris Johnson as British leader, Reuters, 24 July 2019 [“Johnson is affectionately referred to as “Boris the Turk” by some Turkish media”]

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