Dawn Butler is so far left, she’s not right

There’s a video on YouTube of Dawn Butler’s speech to the 2019 Labour Conference (Butler is the Shadow Women & Equalities Secretary for the Labour Party).

In this video Butler says:

“Black history is British history” [5.29 min.]

She is very much wrong. British history is British. Blacks are not British. They can live in the UK, may even obtain legal citizenship, but they will never be a part of the British nation, even if born in Britain. A dog born in a stable is not a horse. A white person born in the Sudan is not Sudanese. A Sudanese person born in England is not English.

Then she starts to ramble on about the “Far Right” — which, to anti-Western socialists, could mean anyone to the right of Karl Marx:

“We can tackle the misconceptions and start to stem the growth of the Far Right, which is the fastest-growing threat in the UK” [5.48]

What she is really saying there is that the Labour Party is running scared of the rise of nationalism in the UK, and that they believe nationalism is growing by leaps and bounds. Good to hear.

Her entire talk is a load of rubbish; at times she speaks with a delivery which makes her sound like a kindergarten teacher talking down to a bunch of toddlers.

If you know anyone who is suicidal, do not let them watch this video, as it may sap their will to live.
If you do watch this video, it is recommended that you spend ten minutes afterwards looking at random nationalist articles, posts, or videos on the internet, so that you can quickly recover from this draining experience.

Dawn Butler’s speech to Labour Conference 2019, Labour Party (YouTube channel), 21 September 2019

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