Multiculturalism advocates’ campaign of contempt [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 6th January 2010 All is not well in the Ivory Tower. When the arrogant elite begin to have concerns about changes in society’s attitudes and it becomes evident that the general population are once again thinking for themselves, the poor hacks in some sections of our media cartel swing into action and […]

Detroit — a timely lesson in Multiculturalism [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 10th December 2009 One of the great drawbacks of being an Australian is the apparent arrogance that has been fostered by the elite. While they have spent decades spinning the line in our education system, “churches” and advertising campaigns that we’re all the same, at the same time they do a backflip […]

Swiss referendum exposes hypocrisy of Official Multiculturalism [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 7th December 2009 Many readers have probably heard the results of Switzerland’s recent referendum proposing the banning of future construction of minarets on mosques in the country. The referendum proposal, pushed by the Swiss People’s Party was passed through a vote of 57.5% in favour of the proposal over 42.5 against and […]

Lutheran Church betrays locals — seeks ghetto [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 26th July 2006 “Official Murray Bridge” — that is the Councillors and the vested economic parties whose interests they represent, have once again shown their true colours and continue in their campaign to disregard the opinions of locals, by doggedly pursuing their aim of radically changing the face of the Murraylands forever. […]

Paradigm shift: Multiculturalism isn’t working, by Joe Priestley

[Joe Priestley writes about Multiculturalism after the Islamic terrorist bombings in London and the chaos in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.] By Joe Priestley, 6th October 2005 The 3rd of April 2004 was as a significant day in the development of British society. On that Saturday morning the establishment let it be known that they […]

Food and respect: Vin de loo, by Joe Priestley

[Joe Priestley writes about Multiculturalism, Indian cuisine, halal food, and Islamic ritual animal slaughter.] By Joe Priestley, 9th September 2005 The multiculturalists go on about the debt we owe third world immigrants, but when asked for details, even after lengthy consideration the best they can come up with are the supposed delights of what they […]