Lutheran Church betrays locals — seeks ghetto [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 26th July 2006

“Official Murray Bridge” — that is the Councillors and the vested economic parties whose interests they represent, have once again shown their true colours and continue in their campaign to disregard the opinions of locals, by doggedly pursuing their aim of radically changing the face of the Murraylands forever.

That confused standard bearer of the perverse policy of multiculturalism, the Murray Valley Standard, proudly declared the desire expressed by the Lutheran Church to build housing for Afghan “refugees” in the city of Murray Bridge.

According to the article, an estimated 50 Moslem families are eagerly awaiting the altruistic endeavours of their “Christian brethren”, so they can all move into a central area and be with the 6 Afghan families already residing in the city.

The Lutheran Church, in it’s display of selfless charity, will build 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes and the Afghans will be permitted to pre-order specific requirements to be included in the house as it is built.

In addition, the new tenants would be offered tenant support groups which will offer information and support to resettle and adjust to the local community. This is on top of access to continued education in their native Afghani culture, regular English lessons and social support.

To sweeten the deal, rent will be capped at 75% of the going local rate.

At a meeting of the Council on July 24, the Council agreed to seriously consider DONATING a ratepayer-owned parcel of land, 20 acres in total, to help the Lutheran Church start it’s mini Mecca.

Of disappointment was the editorial by stand in editor — Melanie Leane, who is generally noted for her sensible approach to local issues and the ability to offer an opinion outside of the demands of the “wannabe intelligentsia”. In a confused attempt at following in Travis “I love Coolie Labour!” Simmons’ footsteps, she has come out in support of the whole bizarre plan, trotting out the tired old claims by the new right globalists that “the inundation will aid local business” thereby supposedly making the Murraylands a more prosperous place to live, one assumes…..

To it’s credit, the Lutherans did hurriedly add that the low-cost housing will also be offered to “others who meet the requirements” — wearing a burkha is probably one of those requirements, one would presume. With 50 of the 80 planned houses to be inhabited by Afghans, it doesn’t leave much room for diversity now, does it?

It would do well for the Murray Bridge Council to think twice before recklessly giving away ratepayers’ land to this Mini Mecca Ghetto planned by the Lutherans. Likewise, the Lutherans should learn to get back to basics and realise that charity, a noble virtue, begins at home.

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