Anzac Day: Lest we forget

The 25th of April is Anzac Day, an important date in the calendar of Australian patriotism, which commemorates the landing of the Australian forces at Gallipoli in 1915, as well as being a time to remember the sacrifices of the Australian military in all wars. Lots of people say that they honour the sacrifices of […]

White Australia saved Australia, by Jack Lang

[In this chapter from his book, I Remember, Jack Lang gives a brief history of the White Australia Policy, relates how the British government interfered with local attempts to keep the hordes of coloured immigrants from flooding into Australia, and praises the policies that established a White Australia. Lang was the Premier of New South […]

W. G. Spence, trade union leader, and Australia’s Awakening

“True patriotism should be racial.” ~ W. G. Spence [William Guthrie Spence (1846-1926) was one of Australia’s foremost trade union leaders. Reproduced here are various extracts from his book of reminiscences, Australia’s Awakening: Thirty Years in the Life of an Australian Agitator (1909).] Chapter XIII. The Industrial Fight in Queensland. The squatters had cut wages. […]

Black Power and a multi-racial society, by Arthur Calwell

[In this extract from his autobiography, Be Just and Fear Not, Arthur Calwell mounts a passionate defence of Australia’s traditional immigration policies; opposes non-European immigration; and explains that the creation of multi-racial societies invariably leads to bloodshed and disaster. Calwell was Australia’s first Minister for Immigration (1945-1949), and was leader of the Australian Labor Party […]

Can be no half-measures about White Australia, by Arthur Calwell

[Arthur Calwell defends the government’s immigration policy in this 1949 article. Calwell was Australia’s first Minister for Immigration (1945-1949), and was leader of the Australian Labor Party (1960-1967).] Can be no half-measures about White Australia By the Hon. Arthur A. Calwell, Minister for Immigration Professor Macmahon Ball in an article in The Argus of October […]

Danger for Australia, by Arthur Calwell

[In this pamphlet, Arthur Calwell looks at the terrible Blackbirding practices of the past, defends Australia’s traditional immigration policies, and relates how the White Australia policy was being undermined by Capitalists on the right, Communists on the left, and misguided sentimentalists. Calwell was Australia’s first Minister for Immigration (1945-1949), and was leader of the Australian […]

Chris Watson, leader of the Labor Party, seeks to strengthen the White Australia policy

[A speech by Chris Watson regarding the White Australia Policy, in the House of Representatives, 25 September 1901. Chris Watson later became the Labor Party’s first Prime Minister, in 1904.] Mr WATSON (Bland) – Before I move the amendment of which I have given notice, and which I think will not have the effect of […]

Alfred Deakin speaks on the Immigration Restriction Amendment Bill

[Extracts from a speech by Alfred Deakin regarding the Immigration Restriction Amendment Bill, in the House of Representatives, 10 November 1905.] The Immigration Restriction Act, No. 17 of 1901, covers two entirely distinct classes of immigrants. The first comprises those who are sought to be excluded because of differences of type and tendency, which render […]

Alfred Deakin speaks in support of the Immigration Restriction Bill

[A speech by Alfred Deakin in support of the Immigration Restriction Bill (the main basis of the White Australia Policy), in the House of Representatives, 12 September 1901.] IMMIGRATION RESTRICTION BILL Second Reading House Hansard Thursday, 12 September 1901 Mr DEAKIN (Ballarat, Attorney-General) – The honorable member who has just concluded has, in his last […]

Alfred Deakin, Australian Prime Minister, builder of the White Australia policy

Alfred Deakin (1856-1919) was Australia’s second Prime Minister. He was a loyal defender of his people, and helped to build the White Australia policy. Deakin studied law at the University of Melbourne before entering politics. However, he was not just a lawyer and politician, but was also an author, journalist, playwright, poet, and teacher. He […]