Danger for Australia, by Arthur Calwell

[In this pamphlet, Arthur Calwell looks at the terrible Blackbirding practices of the past, defends Australia’s traditional immigration policies, and relates how the White Australia policy was being undermined by Capitalists on the right, Communists on the left, and misguided sentimentalists. Calwell was Australia’s first Minister for Immigration (1945-1949), and was leader of the Australian […]

“White Australia”, by Chris Watson

[An article by Chris Watson (past Prime Minister of Australia) on the reasons and necessity for a White Australia policy, being an extract from his essay “The labour movement”, published in 1914.] “White Australia.” To those unacquainted with local conditions the cry for a “White Australia,” may seem somewhat hysterical, but there is no question […]

Winston Churchill criticized Islam in his book, The River War

[In his book The River War, Winston Churchill expressed some of his thoughts on Islam. Churchill had been a lieutenant in the British Army, and served in the Sudan, amongst other places, where he had plenty of opportunity to observe and consider the ways of Islamic society. Here is the relevant extract from his book.] […]