Deck the Halls with Allahu Akbar

Christmas under attack, 250sqWhilst Christmas carols are being banned in some schools, other schools are telling their children to sing “Allahu Akbar” in a song at their end-of-year “Holiday Concert”.

Well, actually, the kiddies are not “their children” — but the little tykes certainly are the recipients of the continuous propaganda being pushed upon them by Multiculturalist teachers, so they’re “theirs” for the purposes of brainwashing anyway.

In Minnesota, a school has arranged for their “holiday concert” to include an Arabic song, whereby the school children will be singing the Islamic phrase “Allahu Akbar”, meaning “God is great”. And don’t be fooled when they tell you it’s all about the same god, because it’s not; the Christian God of the New Testament encourages love and peace, whilst the Muslim God of the Koran encourages killings, stonings, and the chopping off of hands.

One has to wonder if the parents of the school community were even aware that their end of year concert was going to be an “Allahu Akbar” event? The song also includes the phrase “La Ilaaha Illa-Allhu” (i.e. “lā ilāha illā allh”), which means “there is no god but Allah”. Would it be a shock to learn that this was a “special surprise” for most of the parents? However, the information was leaked, and was spread via Facebook, so all the parents got to find out this song was planned for their concert.

Here are some excerpts from the relevant song:

Ramadan has come and gone
Eid has dawned upon us
Thank You Allah for this blessed day
. . . It’s a time of brotherhood, a time of peace
Muslims are singing praises to Allah
Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar
La Ilaaha Illa-Allhu
Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar

Anyway, back to the “Holiday Concert”.

“Hang on, what holiday?” you may ask; after all, no name of any holiday involved has been mentioned. What holiday could it possibly be? Gosh, isn’t it odd that a school would be celebrating a holiday with a concert, but without naming the holiday involved. Well, let’s take a wild guess, and assume that, being in December, it’s a Christmas concert — but as the Cultural War against Western Civilisation is in full swing, it appears that we mustn’t call it a “Christmas Concert”, because that would be (gasp) “culturally insensitive” or (shock, horror) maybe even “racist”.

You can just imagine the hand-wringing of the limp-wristed “do-gooders”:

“Nooooo!!!!! Please, don’t call us “racist”! Just destroy our culture and traditions instead, by the overwhelming use of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness; and make sure that our unique, talented, and beautiful people are demographically destroyed by Third World immigration. We much prefer genocide to nasty smear names. We are more than willing to enable an environment where our sons are more likely to be murdered, and our daughters are more likely to be raped, so long as you don’t call us “racist”. What a joy it is to be so tolerant that we can make sure that our nation is destroyed from within.”

So, even though the USA is a majority-Christian nation, founded by Christians with Christian values, the American people have to let their culture and way of life roll over and die, just because the Multiculturalists hate the West, and therefore hate Christianity, because . . . White people. Yep, that’s right; as far as the Multiculturalists are concerned, the general rule of thumb is that anything from Whites is bad, whilst anything from non-Whites is good — especially anything from Muslims, because they’re the current liberal cause célèbre.

So, whilst most Americans may think that Christmas should be about Jesus Christ and Christianity, clearly the Multiculturalists would much prefer that it was about Mohammad and Islam instead (and maybe throw in a few other religions, too; anything to get the spotlight off the majority-religion of the West).

So, if this Christmas you were expecting to see at your local school some stuff about Christianity — you know, some plays and songs about a baby in a manger, three wise men, and that sort of thing — then you may be disappointed. You might be on the receiving end of some Muslim music instead.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. It is not just Christmas which is being destroyed, but all of the traditions and cultural uniqueness of every advanced Western nation that is under attack.

The Multiculturalists hate our people, they hate our way of life, they hate our free speech, and they hate our democracy (they undermine all of those elements continuously; all in the name of “tolerance”, of course); but, most of all, they hate the fact that the White Western peoples of the world have been so successful in building up such an incredibly advanced civilisation. When they see the dire economic poverty of the Third World, they don’t entertain the possibility for a moment that they’re in that situation because of the poor manner in which their cultures and peoples have structured themselves — no, they automatically blame the successful White peoples, and so (as most of them are White) they therefore blame themselves and become imbued with a psychologically flawed “White Guilt Syndrome”, which makes them strive more and more towards the death of the West, by handing it over to as many Third World immigrants as they can get their hands on, via “immigration reform” (a term which means, to them, the biggest possible influx of Third Worlders as can possibly be arranged). Only when they bring the West to its knees, and decimate the prospects of survival for the White nations of the world, will the Multiculturalists be truly happy.

Until then, hopefully you will enjoy your “Allahu Akbar” concerts.

Or, you can stand up and fight for the future of your people.

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