Which nation is America’s greatest ally?

Australia and USA, 900x700There is a video on Twitter of an internet chat show with some Americans debating who is America’s greatest ally. The result was “Australia” (even though it looked like the host, Andrew Meyer, may have been expecting the common trite answer of “Israel”).

Australia has been a far better ally to the USA than Israel ever has, with Aussie troops fighting alongside the US in all of their wars.

Does this mean Australians can expect to get more foreign aid and military assistance from the US than Israel receives?

At the very least Australia has never deliberately tried to sink a US warship and then claimed it was a mistake afterwards (with the US government still refusing to release the files, over 50 years later).

So, perhaps it’s time that the US made Australia its number one foreign affairs priority.

How about it, America?

Andrew Meyer learns that our real greatest ally is not Israel, but Australia, because they actually FOUGHT alongside our soldiers in war and didn’t KILL them , Catholic Groyper (Twitter account), 25 November 2019

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