Traditionalist Russia and the future of the West

Russia Vs. homosIt is ironic that Russia, once dominated by the Communist Party with its very anti-Western ideology, is now in some ways a bastion of traditionalist Western thinking.

Of course, much of the thanks for them sticking to their traditionalist roots goes to the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as to the nature of the Russian people. A 2013 poll showed that about 85% of Russians are against same-sex marriages and having “gay pride” parades.

Russia, unlike the USA and other Western countries, has not been infected by the authoritarian ideology of Political Correctness. The Russian Bear is not telling her young children that “all cultures are equal”, nor teaching them that “homosexuality is a wonderful lifestyle that is equally as valid as heterosexuality”, or that they should feel “guilty” for the economically advanced position of white nations.

The Russians have passed a law to stop pro-homosexual propaganda being used to indoctrinate children into the erroneous mindset that views homosexuality and other sexual deviances as being normal. The law “for the Purpose of Protecting Children from Information Advocating for a Denial of Traditional Family Values” has put a big dent into the plans of deviants and their fellow travellers for indoctrinating the children of Russia. In Politically Correct countries various liberals, homosexuals, Multiculturalists, and other nation termites have protested vigorously against this legislation, saying that it is a blow against freedom and democracy; apparently being not at all concerned about their hypocrisy in bringing in similar laws in their own countries to restrict the freedom of speech and freedom of expression of pro-white people.

However, the Russians are well aware that the promotion of deviant lifestyles is not conducive to nation-building, but is instead a technique of national destruction.

During the Cold War, the Russian Communist Party spent millions of dollars in Western countries promoting deviant lifestyles, disarmament groups, and hippy culture; not because they were trying to “improve” the West, but because they knew that such movements would undermine the will of Western countries, sap their strength, and destroy their determination. At the same time, in the Soviet Bloc, such movements were ruthlessly being crushed, except for some government-arranged “peace protests”, used as a way of bolstering the disarmament groups in the West.

Now that the death-laden Communist Party has gone, Russia and Eastern Europe have been slowly integrating themselves back into the heart of Europe. But now, as they are coming “home”, culturally, economically, and politically, they have discovered that the European homeland has changed. It is not the home it once was; it has changed, and not for the better. Once a vibrant continent of European culture, it has been slowly sinking into a filthy mire of deviancy, Multiculturalism, and Political Correctness. On top of that, its demographic future is being drastically altered by the influx of millions upon millions of immigrant invaders from the Third World.

There is a real danger that Russian culture could be overwhelmed by the importation of masses of American movies and TV shows, inclusive of huge amounts of Hollywood homosexual propaganda, and thus could slowly start to become like the USA and gradually lose its moral underpinnings and traditional values. US shows are often offered at bargain basement prices to various external markets, as a way of “product dumping”, on the rationale that it is better to obtain some extra minor revenue than none at all. If propaganda of any type is immense enough, all-pervasive, and ratcheted up over the span of several decades, then any population will eventually succumb to it. It happened in the West, and could easily happen elsewhere.

Russia and Eastern Europe may have to rethink their reintegration into Europe. It may benefit them, at this stage, economically; but in the long run they could end up becoming a part of the Western nightmare. If you were Russia, would you really want to hang the golden jewelry of the West around your neck, only to find that it had become a heavy millstone, dragging you down into the mire with the rest of Europe? It is possible that Russia could be the saviour of the West, but it is just as likely that the West could bring about the demise of Russia.

In the end, it is up to the traditionalists and loyalists of the West to fight for our own salvation. We cannot rely on faint hopes of someone coming to save us. We must look to our own strengths and abilities in the fight for the future of our people.

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