The crisis of the modern Left

NPC and MAGA extremistThe ordinary law-abiding people of 75 years ago would all be considered “Far Right Nazi Fascists” today — not because they are any of those things, but because the modern Left has steadily become more and more deranged as time goes by.

The ordinary working-class Leftists of 75 years ago would regard modern-day Leftists as complete scum. They would be horrified by the homosexual, transgender, abortionist, neo-Communist agenda that the modern Left is pushing.

Modern-day Leftists are not normal. They like to base their arguments and political positions on feelings, not facts.

Modern Leftists say “Follow the science”, but then tell us that there are more than two genders; they say “Support women’s rights”, but then ignore it when trans-women (fake women) destroy women’s opportunities in sports; they say “Believe all women” (never “Believe all men”), but then drop that mantra like a hot cake when their top politician is accused of sexual assault; they say “Race is a social construct”, but then hand out special grants and privileges to non-white people based upon their race.

They hate freedom of speech (except for those they agree with); they want to deprive ordinary people of the means of self-defence; they arrest, charge, and jail people who defend themselves or others; they claim that words are violence; they proclaim that they are caring, peaceful, and tolerant, but then they violently attack political opponents, have them fired from their jobs, and they don’t care about how undemocratic their actions are; they brainwash children and university students.

They redefine words, deliberately and with malice, to suit their own agenda. In the real world, anyone can be racist against others, but now the Left says only “oppressors” can be racist (and “racist” can now refer to almost anything that a white person does). Political opposition to any of their causes is now “offensive” and/or “hate speech” — and people can be arrested and jailed for those thought-crimes. They now accuse white people of “cultural appropriation” if they use anything from a non-white culture, but make no such accusation against non-whites who wear business suits, play baseball or cricket, drive cars, use computers, or use anything from white cultures; nor do they attack media entities which racially displace white historical and cultural figures by portraying them as black.

Leftists are so incredibly racist against white people that it almost boggles the mind — until you realise that they are willing to do anything to destroy the white nations of the world, and that they are willing to excuse (or support) any actions carried out in such a cause.

The social worth of Leftists is based upon virtue signalling. In the world of the Left, their social worth rises when they make accusations of “racism”, “sexism”, “homophobia”, “transphobia”, “cultural appropriation”, “hate speech”, etc. No doubt they would also get a large boost of satisfaction, pride, and self-esteem from making such accusations. However, unfortunately for some of them, Leftists occasionally get over-eager with their accusations and they attack people on their own side, often to the point of socially destroying their victims (as the saying goes, “the revolution eats its children”); but that matters little to the deranged Leftists, who then move on to attack their next target.

Leftists are so deranged that they encourage children, and mentally groom children, into trying homosexuality and becoming transsexuals. Indeed, so many of them fill their children’s heads with such nonsense at a young age, that we now see children under the age of ten becoming “transsexual”; at that age, such a development generally is not a reflection of the child’s wants or needs, but rather a reflection of the parent’s (or teacher’s) desires, and an indication of how skilled the child’s “carer” is at manipulating and brainwashing psychologically defenceless and naive youngsters. Having a “transsexual” child is a huge win for a Leftist, as it significantly boosts their social worth in the Leftist world, making them a rising star amongst their politically-aligned friends, acquaintances, and social media followers.

They encourage people to undergo genital mutilation and bodily mutilation, as part of transgender surgery, including the chopping off of breasts and penises; but when some of those poor deluded and manipulated people change their minds (as happens with a sizeable number of them), the Left doesn’t want to know, and certainly doesn’t want to publicise their plight. To change one’s mind after having gone through so-called gender-reassignment surgery is almost regarded as a betrayal of the Left.

It is little wonder that it has often been said that “liberalism is a mental disease”. The madness and whacky behaviour of modern Leftists have led many people to believe that there is indeed something psychologically wrong with such people; certainly, their odd behaviour encourages normal people to assume that such a diagnosis is correct.

There are still some normal people on the Left (those who haven’t been pushed to the Right, or silenced into submission by their own side) and they bear the burden and responsibility of winning back the main Left field from the crazies on their side of the political fence. It is not an easy assignment, and those who endeavour to undertake this task have to be prepared to experience much angst, abuse, social shaming, and even violence (which is why most ordinary Leftists will remain silent, and thus cede the Left field to the radicals and crazies).

The madness of the Loony Left is a danger to the survival of Western Civilisation, and it needs to be vigorously countered by all decent people whether they are politically Left, Right, Centre, or otherwise.

The winning back of the political main stage for normal people, of all political persuasions, will be a difficult and daunting endeavour. However, we need strong people to take on this Herculean task, and to stick at it in a stubborn, stoic, and enduring manner.

The nations of the West have a dire need for prophets, soldiers, martyrs, and heroes — for it is upon the shoulders of these individuals that the struggle will be borne, and with their abilities, grit, leadership, strength, and sacrifice we can win this fight for the future of our people — but only if they are supported by a wide range of everyday citizens; because, in the final analysis, it is up to us to save ourselves.

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