Ross Garnaut — “democratic debate must not influence policy”! [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 19th December 2009 Like many readers, I appreciate honesty. It’s a trait to be admired and encouraged. However, one rarely expects it to come from the legion of rampant internationalists and those who like to consider themselves as the “intelligentsia” — much less from someone with a history linked with the Hawke […]

Protectionism — Globalism advocates “go on the offensive”? [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 11th July 2009 Some readers might have had the misfortune to read a column by one David Penberthy of the Adelaide Advertiser on June 19th, in which Dave gently tried to educate all his “Prole” readers of the reality of modern day economics. Beginning his opinion piece, which fortunately for those of […]

China sets sights on Aussie farms [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 17th May 2008 Few can argue with the fact that in many ways the ability of a nation to feed itself is a foundation of national sovereignty. This being the case, it is of concern to read reports that the Agricultural Department of the Communist Chinese Government is in the process of […]

Howard — happy to dump a Downer on primary producers [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 13th August 2007 It’s nice to see our Prime Minister is beginning to feel the heat and is now prepared to spread some of the blatant responsibility for our nation’s problems around to his colleagues. Alex “fishnet stocking” Downer, MP for the SA seat of Mayo and our nation’s Foreign Minister, has […]

Water threat Howard’s final assault on farmers? [by Andrew Phillips]

Water threat Howard’s final assault on farmers? [by Andrew Phillips] By Andrew Phillips, 23rd April 2007 The suspicions held by Australian Protectionists regarding the machinations of internationalists over the water issue have gained weight following Howard’s recent blustering about water control. Responsible Aussies are well aware of the crisis facing our nation. Australians have, with […]

Kowtowing for blood-money not in the national interest! [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, January 12th, 2007 Vested interests and government cronies alike crowed loud and clear over the announcement of an imminent Free Trade Agreement with Communist China, as one would expect from such paragons of greed, self interest and immorality. As with all FTAs, reports are aplenty advising the average Australian of the millions […]

Downer silent as constituents’ livelihoods at risk [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 6th December 2006 One need not be surprised as the track record of Australian media when it comes to raising the profile of threats to our nation is less than admirable, however, Adelaide Hills weekly “The Courier” should be commended for finally taking up the concerns of local fruit growers with their […]