China sets sights on Aussie farms [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 17th May 2008

Few can argue with the fact that in many ways the ability of a nation to feed itself is a foundation of national sovereignty.

This being the case, it is of concern to read reports that the Agricultural Department of the Communist Chinese Government is in the process of developing a policy to encourage Chinese “investment” in Australian farms in response to reduced land availability and population growth levels that would make a rabbit hang it’s head in shame.

A senior trade official with the Communist regime, Xie Guoli is quoted “Australia and China have a basis for long term agricultural co operation, since Australia is rich in land and China is rich in labour. But developing such a relationship will depend substantially on Australia’s policy on IMPORTING LABOUR”.

Wow, what a trade off! Who could refuse an offer as good as this? A murderous totalitarian Communist regime with proven imperialist policies of suppression and colonisation, offers to come in and buy up your nation’s farms — probably at bargain basement prices, many of which have been held by hard-working Australian families for generations — and then dictates that this helpful hand will only be extended provided you allow them to bring in their own people for labour!

What nation of halfwits would allow such a situation?

Perhaps, one with a Mandarin-speaking Sinophile for a Prime Minister?

In a world increasingly run by Global Village Idiots, one is to expect an increase in global investment and the movement of capital and resources. We do not like it, but it is expected (along with the myriad of problems that go along with it). However, with China this situation takes on a whole new perspective.

Communist China is already muscling its way into our nation’s mining sector — state funded companies are entering our market and focusing on buying up companies primarily involved in uranium mining. In fact our governments have assured the Chinese that they will endeavour to remove all barriers that restrict their investment in our nation.

China does not have a good track record of ethical behaviour in host countries. Bribing of government officials (it is after all a facet of Chinese culture and accepted practice), environmental vandalism, interference in government affairs, intimidation and colonisation through the practice of “immigration”. Such behaviour is witnessed time and again throughout South East Asia. With a Prime Minister who fawns over the Communist regime with the zeal displayed by an infatuated lover, can the Australian people really expect this man to protect the national interest?

The track record displayed by the Chinese in the area of food production leaves little to be desired. Unsanitary conditions, the excessive use of chemicals, fertilisation of plants using untreated human sewage — all of this awaits the Australian dinner table as soon as K.Rudd kowtows to his Beijing masters.

Furthermore, one can only shudder at the effect this move will have on regional Australia. If the Chinese have their way, buy the farms that support local communities and import Chinese labour (obviously not paid Australian wages) the effect will be catastrophic.

The face of regional Australia will change forever, along with the last bastion of the traditional Australian identity. Chinese-owned farms, with poorly paid Chinese workers will mean less disposable income flowing on into the nation’s regional towns.

Will the naturally xenophobic Chinese seek to invest in transport companies, thereby lowering their cost and increasing their profits further? What of the offspring produced by the thousands of Chinese imported labourers? Bet London to a brick that the K.Rudd government will bend over backwards to give them and the extended families permanent residency to “further cement the close ties with our Chinese friends”.

Remember, this is the same “man” reported as approaching Chinese President Hu Jintao and reminding him that “the ALP has a close relationship with Communist China”.

The same PM who visited China on a company-financed trip prior to the last election. Mr.Tang was reportedly referred to by K.Rudd in The Australian (15/3/08) as “my Chinese controller” — Mr. Tang’s company donates extensively to the ALP’s election campaign costs…..

It is becoming increasingly clear that there is a price to pay for such support- and the Australian people are expected by both parties to foot the bill.

Australian Protectionism — it’s a matter of national survival.

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