Kowtowing for blood-money not in the national interest! [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, January 12th, 2007

Vested interests and government cronies alike crowed loud and clear over the announcement of an imminent Free Trade Agreement with Communist China, as one would expect from such paragons of greed, self interest and immorality.

As with all FTAs, reports are aplenty advising the average Australian of the millions of dollars to be earned in this veritable cornucopia that is an open border world. The fact is that in ALL FTAs, the only winners are the dominant economies and those businesses willing to bleed their own workers dry by lowering conditions in order to make them compete in the international marketplace.

Perhaps this is the point alluded to by Business SA’s Peter Vaughan when he announced his twisted internationalist philosophy — “(a FTA with China would) increase our global competitiveness”.

Canada is already ruing it’s entry into the NAFTA treaty. Having been lulled by the same sugar coated economic lies peddled by the free traders which promise billions of dollars and a land of milk and honey, the hapless Canadians found open borders left them with a deficit of some 200 000 Canadian jobs compared to pre-treaty days. Not to worry — someone’s making big bucks……..

Reports already indicate that what is left of our once proud and efficient manufacturing sector will be in for a hell of a time once China is given free reign in our marketplace (funny how those comrades in the worker’s paradise don’t seem to give a damn for the welfare of the Australian worker and the family he’s trying to feed), with Australian exports to China currently worth $18 billion, while Chinese imports are worth $23.2 billion. And a Free Trade Agreement with an economic giant with access to dirt cheap labour is going to IMPROVE this situation???

However, what is really of concern is the sudden push for this FTA with the Communist Mainland. While Kowtow Johnny (one must admire his flexibility, it can’t be easy to appease so many international masters at once, Bush, Blair, Hu Jintao) and his Communist bedfellows push for the FTA to be ready within 2 years (along with Mike Rann bickering with the big boys in his own party to have the no new uranium mines policy overturned — never let principles get in the way of making an extra buck Micky!), it is interesting to note the current developments within the nuclear debate, particularly here in South Australia.

To fuel their economic gluttony, China requires a steady supply of cheap uranium. In a $40 million deal recently signed here with PepinNini, China has secured it’s first opportunity for Chinese controlled direct investment in our industry. Along with the added possible involvement of China National Nuclear Corporation ( backed by China’s investment giant CITIC), which reportedly has assets worth more than $20 billion, it’s not too hard to see the future of the industry here in SA.

Why should alarm bells be ringing? The “Angela” and “Pamela” deposits are believed to be close to the surface and will yield approximately 10,000 tonnes of uranium. It is estimated that such areas would be ready for exploitation in about 2 years. The Chinese are currently setting up a host of subsidiaries within the mining sector, most of which seemed to be limited to a current Chinese ownership of 60%. One presumes this limitation is due to state legislation and foreign investment guidelines.

Australian Trade Minister Warren Truss and Chinese Commerce Minister Bo Xilai have agreed that both sides will continue talks on how best to ELIMINATE existing barriers to INVESTMENT. (Advertiser 15/11/2006).

There we have it. Clearly Howard doesn’t mind the blatant hypocrisy of slaughtering thousands of Iraqis in an endless quest to bring freedom and democracy to the Middle East, while bending over backwards to allow a totalitarian, Communist regime to walk in and control our mining sector.

Exactly what is the scenario we will face in the future? Uranium mined in SA by state owned Chinese companies, more than likely using cheap imported Chinese labour, sold to Chinese corporations to fuel Chinese economic (and military) expansion? Once the mining permits are given by our government bureaucrats, exactly who will be setting the price for this commodity?

The reality of the government’s action is this. For what equates to a mere 30 pieces of silver, those squirming toads passing for our elected representatives have betrayed future generations of Australians (and inhabitants of our local region) by aiding a ruthless totalitarian regime with an infamous and grotesque record of human rights violations and poor environmental protection.

Who in their right mind would co operate with a murderous One Party State, guilty of territorial expansion through military force and planned emigration, guilty of inhumane population control policies (late term abortions), genocide in neighbouring countries, and suppression of dissent within it’s own borders as well as occupied territories?

Any economic gain achieved through co-operation with Communist China is nothing more than blood money. Politicians have betrayed the welfare of the Australian people and neglected their responsibilities to the region at large.

Time and again history has shown us the fruit of such poor judgement — unfortunately those in parliament refuse to learn.

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