Sweep it all under the carpet, by Nick Griffin

[Nick Griffin writes about attacks on the free exchange of information in Britain, ethnic mayhem in Holland, and how the Multiculturalist way with uncomfortable facts is to sweep it all under the carpet.]

By Nick Griffin, 17th November 2004

Two non-reports in the last few days highlight the way in which the left-liberal ‘elite’ — which dominates the political, media and intellectual life of the West in general and Britain in particular — deals with uncomfortable facts by trying to brush them under a carpet of media silence.

The first is news of yet another attack on the most popular political news website in the UK — this one. As regular visitors will know, the very serious cyber-terror attack which brought the BNP site down for ten days several weeks ago was reported in only one Scottish newspaper. Having sorted out this problem by dint of a large amount of hard work and investing several thousand pounds in new computer hardware (the enforced acquisition of which has actually led to a major improvement in our Internet capability which should bear significant fruit in the New Year) the latest attack has been somewhat more conventional.

Marxist extremists from the National Union of Journalists contacted the search engine company, Google, to protest at its linking the BNP site to its search ‘spider’, thereby bringing to the attention of people searching for material on non-BNP items of news (such as the recent deaths of John Peel or Fred Dibnah) the fact that the BNP website had covered such stories.

The potential of this to lead to an even more rapid explosion in our hit-rate was immediately recognised by the enemies of freedom on the far-left, but to their dismay Google’s management refused to surrender to their bullying, issuing a very sensible and determined defence of their position and freedom of expression.

Sadly, however, Google’s determination didn’t last long. Clearly the behind-the-scenes pressure was intensified. What was said to Google — and by whom — we do not know, but our guess is that it was pressure on advertisers which led the company to surrender in less than a week. So now if someone enters ‘British National Party’ into Google they will find this site, but if they enter one or two key words which appear in an article on it — perhaps, for example, names of some of the white victims of racist murders, such as Gavin Hopley, Sean Whyte, Kriss Donald or Private Lee Martin — nothing will show up.

It is, of course, a disgrace that the supposed guardians of free speech and freedom of the press acting in this way to apply intolerable pressure to businesses such as Google in order to deny the British public the information they need to make up their own minds on aspects of current affairs news. Sadly, however, it is something to which everyone involved in the British National Party became accustomed to a long time ago.

Free speech and genuine democracy have been murdered in this country, and we’re the only ones truly committed to their resurrection and enshrinement in a strengthened combination of Magna Carta and the 1689 Bill of Rights. The BNP is not just about opposition practical things such as reversing the immigration tide and saving the economy from destruction via globalisation — we’re also here to reverse the creeping advance of dictatorship and to win back the freedoms that are the birthright of every freeborn Briton.


Meanwhile, an even bigger British media cover-up is going on in relation to events in Holland. One or two papers and one report by the satellite TV station Euronews have mentioned a limited number of attacks on mosques and churches since the Islamic ritual slaughter of film-make Theo van Gogh. Rather more prominence has been given to the admission by the Speaker of the Dutch parliament that “Jihad has come to Holland.”

But, in fact, that is only a tiny bit of what has been happening in Holland over the last ten days. According to contacts of a number of our wide network of email correspondents, there have been street clashes and gun battles in several Dutch cities. Dozens of mosques, schools and churches have been vandalised or firebombed.

Most dramatic of all, among the troubles in the fiercely polarised city of The Hague (base of one of the most powerful international courts of the world, and a short ferry journey from the east coast of England) has been a police raid on an Islamic extremist safe house during which several police officers were injured by a hand grenade blast. Two Muslim suspects were arrested 14 hours later and a cache of extra grenades seized inside the house.

The Somali-born ‘Dutch’ lady MP whose shocking account of the brutal treatment of women under Islam formed the basis of the film that cost van Gogh his life is under close protection, as is independent conservative MP Geert Wilders. It is widely reported that both were on a ‘death list’ held by the Islamist cell in The Hague. There have also been arrests in Amsterdam and Amersfoort, rounding up suspects who are in turn believed to have been getting their orders and targets from a Jihadist cell in Spain.

Many Dutch cynics believe that, in fact, the trouble is even worse than their Government and media dare to admit. There are continual rumours that several policemen were actually killed in the grenade attack, and that inter-racial street clashes have also been more widespread and have claimed more victims than the Powers That Be are letting on.

It has, however, emerged that ‘Dutch’ Muslims have been found fighting Jihad in conflicts including Afghanistan, the former Soviet states wracked by Islamic terrorism, and Iraq. Another report in Holland indicated that “hundreds” of European Muslims were trained in terror camps in Afghanistan, and returned home to train hundreds more. They are said to have been buying arms on the Eastern European black market ever since.

Even if these mainstream reports are ‘all’ that is going on, events such as these are news by any standards. And when they happen just across a short stretch of sea, among communities whose British-based counterparts are showing every sign of going down exactly the same bloody road, then they should be big news in Britain.

The events have been reported far more openly in Spain, where the newspaper El Mundo commented that “All of Europe should look to Holland in order to ward off an evil which could spread still further.”

Indeed it could — indeed it will. And the head-in-the-sand attitude of the British left-liberal Establishment makes it inevitable that it will strike in Britain as well. Here is what US-based FrontPage magazine has to say about the situation now facing every country in Europe with a significant Muslim population:

“The underground intelligence war going on all over Europe may soon turn hot, and the assassination of van Gogh may have been its first shot. Such an Islamic crusade would most likely take the form of an IRA-style guerrilla war where the multiculturalism-created ghettoes, like the Catholic ones in Northern Ireland, would serve both as bases and as hideouts.”

The same article goes on also to examine the response of the left to the gathering storm clouds:

“And what is the response of the oh-so-clever Dutch leftists to the multi-cultural mess they have created? Like after the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe, they have been either silent or offered only more of the same. The truth be told, they do not know what to do and are simply engaging in helpless, useless gestures.” The same response, of course, is all too typical of the Establishment in Britain as well, although the news black-out on the troubles in Holland is the clearest possible indication of the fact that they have a pretty good idea of the trouble their policies are set to bring here as well.

The only question, then, is whether the TV stations and the papers are silent about Holland on account of left-liberal self-censorship, or whether the Government has slapped a D-Notice on the subject to ban it being discussed. After all, it wouldn’t do to have the truth alarming the natives and sparking a serious debate about how we’re all going to get out of this mess, would it?

Originally published on the website of the British National Party.

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