Perth’s Nicky Winmar statue

Nicky Winmar statue, 500x380Statue of a shirt lifter
The minions of Political Correctness have erected a statue in Perth of Nicky Winmar, the Aboriginal footballer who used to play for the St Kilda Football Club and the Western Bulldogs in the Australian Football League, as well as for South Fremantle in the West Australian Football League.

Upon hearing about this statue, one might well expect to see Winmar depicted in a typical footy pose — kicking, catching, or punting a football. If such was your expectation, then you’d be disappointed.

The statue in question shows Nicky standing, with a grimace on his face (actually, his expression looks like he’s badly constipated, but presumably that wasn’t the sculptor’s intention), with him lifting up his shirt with his right hand, whilst his left hand is pointing at his chest (or perhaps he’s about to fondle his own nipple — you be the judge).

Putting aside any jokes about Winmar being a shirt lifter or a nipple fondler, there is actually a serious intent behind the erection of this statue — and, funnily enough, it has very little to do with Nicky Winmar.

Not brave, not a hero
It’s not like Winmar did anything special or brave which would have been deserving of a statue. He was just a grown man in shorts who was running around a grassy field, kicking a leather ball. Big deal. It takes more bravery for a kid to get a needle from a nurse, than it takes for an adult man to play a game of football. Nicky is no hero.

Every Australian who fought for us in a war is braver than Nicky Winmar. Whilst we have various memorials all over the country which collectively commemorate our war dead, how many are statues of specific individuals being commemorated for their military contribution? Not very many, if any — there are some statues of generic soldiers, but are any actually dedicated to one person for their wartime service?

Just from World War One alone, there are over 60,000 men more deserving of a statue — and that’s just for those who died; there are hundreds of thousands more who served, and who survived the war. Each one of them is more deserving of a statue than Winmar.

Nicky Winmar, at the footy, 350x350It’s all about politics
However, the Nicky Winmar shirt lifter statue is not really about bravery or football at all; instead, it’s about — wait for it — RACISM!!! (*cue gasps of shock and horror from the audience*). It is a political statue, dedicated to the “anti-racism” narrative always being pushed by the Left in their ongoing campaign to carry out the Great Replacement of the European peoples.

The Australian Football League funded the statue; Tanya Hosch, the AFL’s General Manager of Inclusion and Social Policy (yes, that’s the job title, no kidding), said “The statue of Winmar depicts one of the most iconic moments and images our game has seen. It was a defining moment for calling out racism in our country and we look forward to unveiling the statue at Optus Stadium”. Yep, forget about football, this statue is all about politics, Political Correctness, and “anti-racism”. Tanya Hosch is a Torres Strait Islander, so she’s got a vested interest in the issue. The Nicky Winmar statue was clearly commissioned as little more than a piece of “anti-racism” propaganda.

The story goes that, whilst playing for St Kilda in a football match in 1993, Collingwood fans yelled racial taunts at Nicky, who then proceeded to lift up his shirt (or vest, or jumper, as the case may be) and shout “I’m black, and I’m proud to be black!” — of course, if a white footy player shouted out “I’m white, and I’m proud to be white!”, he would have been mercilessly hounded and vilified by the Leftist-dominated mainstream media.

According to some accounts, Winmar shoved his backside towards the jeering spectators, and blew them kisses. Not exactly a class act. It’s not surprising his little rear end antic wasn’t the subject of the statue, although it might have been more fitting, considering what the political intent of the statue is.

Nicky’s little moment of shirt lifting gained him a place in the iconography of the Left — they thought that he was wonderful, and fawned all over him; he, in turn, became a spokesman for “anti-racism”. Ooh, how brave he must be — in a country dominated by the “anti-racist” Left (anti-Western traitors) and the multiracialist Right (Civic Patriot traitors), Winmar stepped up to condemn “racism” — it was about as brave as being a Communist Party member in the Soviet Union at the height of its power.

What about all of the other players who copped abuse or negativity from footy crowds? Well, there’s no statues for them. As anyone who’s been to a raucous footy match knows, if a player has something different or distinctive about him, then at some stage he’ll be picked on by someone in the crowd. If a player is bald, he’s likely to hear “bald-headed bastard” yelled at him; if he has a beard, “stupid bearded bastard” will be directed against him; and, if he’s black, he’ll cop taunts of “black bastard”. It’s not about racism, it’s about the rough and tumble of spectator jeering.

What about Nicky Winmar? Is he an upstanding man, worthy of a statue? Well, the fact that he was only able to attend the statue’s unveiling because his schedules court appearance on assault charges was changed to let him do so should tell people something about the man.

The other side of Nicky Winmar
This beloved icon of the Left has a downright nasty side to him. In August 2019 he pled guilty to assaulting a taxi driver. So, does Winmar really deserve a statue? No, of course he doesn’t. What he actually deserves is a few months in jail.

Nicky (accompanied by his partner, Elizabeth) got into a cab one night whilst he was drunk, and the cabbie asked for payment up front (because of past problems, it’s compulsory to prepay taxi fares from 10pm to 5am); Winmar took exception to this, and harsh words were exchanged. Both of the men got out of the vehicle and some pushing took place (Nicky alleged the cabbie pushed him first). Video of the incident shows the taxi driver falling to the ground — and then Winmar puts the boot in, kicking the bloke whilst he’s down on the ground, several times. What a brave, courageous, and honourable man Nicky must be (not).

As the ABC reported, “Winmar hit the cab driver with multiple punches to the cheek and chin. He also hit and kicked the man while he was on the ground before police intervened. The driver was taken to hospital with a split lip and bruising to his cheek, chin and ribs.”

Even whilst he was being restrained by the police, Winmar continued to abuse the driver, telling him “You’re a f***ing idiot”. Due to his severe injuries, the driver was unable to work for several weeks afterwards.

The black and white video of the altercation can be seen in a Channel 9 news report. However, something else is mentioned, which few other media outlets have even touched upon. The Channel 9 reporter says “The court heard Winmar has two other prior convictions, also for assault”.

Wait, what?! So, this isn’t even Winmar’s first conviction for assault — it’s his third!!! Why isn’t this repeat offender locked up in jail? Maybe he got off lightly because so many judges are useless do-gooders, handing out light sentences?

In other legal cases, sentences are often seemingly much lighter if the offender is part of a “protected species”, such as being black, Muslim, or homosexual. Too bad if you’re white; even worse if you’re a white patriot.

Deputy chief magistrate Felicity Broughton ordered that Winmar had to do 30 hours of treatment for alcohol abuse, plus 70 hours of unpaid community work. In her sentencing, Broughton referred to Nicky’s football career and his work with disadvantaged youth. The public drunkenness charge was dismissed. So Winmar’s penalty is 100 hours of court-directed time. Big deal. He should’ve been sent to jail.

Some have accused the magistrate of letting Winmar off lightly because he was a famous footballer; others have said it was due to Winmar being an Aboriginal, being a recipient of “black privilege” (spawned by Political Correctness and “White Guilt Syndrome”), whereby blacks get off easy because limp-wristed liberals don’t want to be perceived as having “racist” motives.

To be fair, no-one actually knows what was going on in the magistrate’s head when the sentence was handed down. However, the Channel 9 news reporter said that the magistrate told Winmar that he “clearly has a problem with alcohol”.

Has Nicky changed at all since he gave the cabbie a kicking? It’s doubtful. In fact, the Channel 9 report showed an aggressive Winmar heading towards the courthouse, with a news cameraman standing in one spot to the side (not moving about, not getting in anyone’s way), whereupon Winmar walks close past him (almost shouldering the camera), and aggressively says “F**k off!”.

No, Winmar hasn’t reformed — he’s an aggressive thug with a drinking problem, and that’s unlikely to change.

An Aboriginal who has issues with alcohol and who has a violent criminal record — way to go, Nicky, to break the stereotype (not). The Aboriginal community needs role models of decent character who have the intestinal fortitude to abstain from alcohol and violence — not drunken thugs.

Nicky “Thuglife” Winmar doesn’t deserve a statue, he deserves time in jail for assault and battery. However, that doesn’t matter to the Left, because all that they’re looking for are ways to undermine and destroy Western societies, one small step at a time — and if that means erecting “anti-racist” statues of undeserving violent black criminals, then that’s what they’re going to do.

Real Australians don’t want thugs like Nicky Winmar as role models, they need decent people with good morals and upstanding characters — but that’s unlikely to happen in this current mad world that we’re living in. Australia needs a change for the better.

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