Media bias, Senator Fraser Anning, and the phrase “final solution”

Media lies, 150x150There has been much whipping-up of concocted media “outrage” over the use by Senator Fraser Anning of the phrase “final solution” in his maiden speech, with the media claiming that it was a “Nazi phrase”, of all things.

Rather than the virtue-signalling outrage and crocodile tears brought about by the media being the highlight of the issue, attention should have been drawn to the fact that the media irresponsibility was outrageous, trying to turn a normal usage of the English language into a big drama. But this is a tactic typical of the mainstream media.

The phrase “final solution” is a normal part of the English language; it denotes a solution to a situation which should mean an end to a particular scenario; it is distinct from the phrases “draft solution”, “temporary solution”, or band-aid solution”.

As a standard part of the English language, the phrase “final solution” has appeared in Australian newspapers for many years, as part of ordinary dialogue.

A check of the National Library’s Trove website of historic Australian newspapers shows that the phrase “final solution” has been used in our country since at least the 3rd of February 1842 — over 176 years ago!

The phrase “final solution” was in use for a long time, well before the Nazis ever existed, and has been in use well after the Nazis were defeated in 1945.

For example, The Canberra Times has used the phrase “final solution” on lots of occasions after 1945, including for many articles that were not connected with the Second World War in any way.

The phrase is used in the media all over the world, and there are various examples of media outlets using the phrase in August 2018, the same month that the media attacked Senator Anning for using it.

Indeed, Australia’s ABC News used it on the 13th of August 2018 — the day before Senator Anning’s maiden speech in parliament — in an article about the Caspian Sea. Yet, the ABC News then did a political hatchet job on Senator Anning, with an article called “Final solution: Here’s the Nazi history of the phrase used by Fraser Anning”. What a pack of hypocrites!

So why haven’t the allegedly “outraged” politicians and media outlets been attacking the Canberra Times and the ABC for supposedly using a “Nazi phrase”?

The answer is simple. It is not a “Nazi phrase”; it is only considered a “Nazi phrase” when it suits the Leftist-dominated mainstream media’s political agenda to do so. The phrase “final solution” is just a normal part of the English language, which is why it is used in the media all over the world.

Those who are attacking Senator Anning are politically biased against him; they are not interested in telling the truth of the matter — they are playing a “game”, by which they feign outrage and shock, in order to push their own political agenda.

It is staggering to see the massive bias displayed by anti-Australian politicians and journalists against any genuinely patriotic Australians who advocate common sense solutions to our nation’s immigration problems. However, once you realise that media bias and fake news stories against patriotic politicians is par for the course, it all makes sense — because the mainstream media are not just journalists, but are journalist-politicians, who use their media platform to spout their anti-Australian and globalist propaganda.

The whipped-up furore against Senator Anning, for using a normal phrase of the English language, has nothing to do with the truth, but it has everything to do with fake outrage, political point scoring, and media propaganda against patriotic Australians.

The National Library of Australia

A search for the phrase “final solution” on the National Library’s Trove website brought up thousands of results in articles prior to the Second World War.

Another search on Trove brought lots of results in articles after the Second World War, even after excluding results relating to the Second World War.

Trove includes back issues of the Canberra Times up to 1995. A search for the phrase “final solution” in the Canberra Times showed lots of matches, including a number of editorials, where that newspaper used the phrase in ordinary articles (i.e. in articles that had nothing to do with the Second World War).

Apparently, if we are to believe the “outraged” pretenders, this either means that the Canberra Times is a hotbed of Nazism, or it simply means that the words “final solution” constitute a normal English-language phrase that anyone can use. The latter is presumably the case.

So, as it turns out, the phrase “final solution” is just a normal phrase that anyone can use — unless, of course, you disagree with the Establishment’s political narrative, in which case the media will twist your words and their meaning, just to show that they can smear anyone who won’t toe the Establishment’s line.

Google News

A quick search on Google News for the phrase “final solution” showed lots of matches within a 30 day period prior to Senator Anning’s speech (even after excluding results relating to the Second World War).

The Google News results demonstrated that the phrase “final solution” is a normal English-language phrase which is used all over the world, from Australia (ABC News), Belgium (Fondation Euractiv), India (The Indian Express), Nigeria (The Guardian), South Africa (South Coast Sun), the UK (Reuters), and the USA (LA Times).

New Delhi Television used the phrase with regards to immigration, just as Senator Anning used the phrase with regards to immigration. Perhaps the Australian media will start attacking New Delhi Television now?

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has used the phrase. Will the Australian media will start attacking him too? Perhaps the media could try to create a diplomatic incident over the Serbian President’s speeches? Why not? They seem to be quite happy to use their far-reaching media powers quite irresponsibly in other instances.

Even the British Government uses the phrase on their website ( Will the media attack Great Britain, as well as Serbia?

Various journalists, such as David Ginsburg, Gail Levy, and John Myers, have all used the phrase “final solution” in the month prior to Senator Anning’s speech. As the surnames of those journalists are commonly Jewish names, it is doubtful whether those writers thought that they were using it as a “Nazi phrase”. Will the Australia media attack them too?

The title of Hitler’s political autobiography was Mein Kampf, which is commonly translated into English as My Struggle, although it can also be translated as My Fight — so those phrases could easily be regarded as “Nazi phrases” by the media. So why isn’t the media attacking everyone who uses those two phrases?

A Google search for the phrase “My struggle with cancer” brings up well over 13,000 hits (“My fight with cancer” results in over 18,000 hits) — the media could have a field day attacking dying cancer patients for using a “Nazi phrase”. But that would be stupid, attacking people for using a normal English-language phrase — but that’s precisely what the media has done with Senator Anning.

Are the media stupid simpletons or Machiavellian manipulators?

Many people have said that the attacks by the media upon Senator Anning were “stupid”; however, the journalists, editors, and producers of the mainstream media are not stupid; far from it — they are smart people who are very clever at manipulating non-events into “outrage stories” and “triggering incidents”. The sensationalist media love to whip up a big feeding frenzy whenever and wherever they can, making mountains out of molehills, because controversy sells papers and builds ratings.

However, it is the Leftists and Multiculturalists in the media who are the worst; they are nasty and vindictive people, who never miss a trick to attack genuinely patriotic politicians — because these media harlots don’t just want to gain ratings, they also have their own political agendas to push; they hate traditional Australia and they want to see Australia demographically become part of the Third World, and so these Globalists push their social-political propaganda upon an unsuspecting public every chance they get.

The bias of the media is no conspiracy, it’s the result of that industry being heavily dominated by Leftists and Multiculturalists for decades; they lack patriotism, they lack morals, and they lack neutrality in their profession — but they do possess a lot of bias and they have lots of political barrows to push.

Senator Anning outlined in his maiden speech many things that Australia needs in order to become a decent country again. However, one thing that he didn’t include was the need for an unbiased, politically-neutral media industry; but, then again, if anyone’s hoping for the widespread reemergence of that particular species of professionals — unbiased journalists — then they may as well start wishing for unicorns, because the appearance of those horned beasts is just about as likely as the rise of an unbiased media industry (although some religiously-inclined people might say that the modern media is full of horned beasts anyway). At least the unicorns might have understood that a phrase like “final solution” doesn’t belong to just one short time period of history, never to be used again.

So, will the manipulative media and posturing politicians admit to their hypocrisy in attacking Senator Anning? Most likely not. However, the important thing is that the public come to know about the motives of the master manipulators of the media and their lack of moral fibre.

When the veil of media hypocrisy is lifted from the eyes of the Australian people, they will see the truth, and then they will know who their real friends are.

The evidence

Section 1: Selected Google News results, from 30 July 2018 to 27 August 2018

Section 2: Selected results from The Canberra Times, from 1976 to 1995

Section 3: Selected results (article titles only) from the National Library’s Trove collection of historical newspapers, from 1904 to 1975

Section 4: Some media articles attacking Senator Anning for using the phrase “final solution”


1) The earliest located appearance of the phrase “final solution” in Australian newspapers was from 1842:
“The question is still pending before that assembly, but as the moment of its final solution approaches, the greatest apprehension is entertained that it will plunge a considerable part of Switzerland into civil war.”
“Switzerland”, Australasian Chronicle (Sydney, NSW), 3 February 1842, p. 2,

2) 4,802 results were returned from a Trove search, between 1 January 1835 to 1 January 1935 (i.e. prior to any reports of a Nazi “final solution”), using the following search phrase (the search term “~0” ensures that the two words are located beside each other):
“final solution”~0

3) Interestingly, the phrase “final solution” was used at least in one instance to describe an Allied plan to target Nazis.
“The British Military Government has issued a new instruction intended as a final solution of the problem of de-Nazification of the British zone”
“De-Nazification: Problem in British Zone: New Plan for Final Solution”, The West Australian (Perth, WA), 10 February 1947, p. 8 (second edition),

4) And here’s one from the Communist Party of Australia:
“the final solution emerged: the government announced that Govan, Linthouse and Scotstoun would get £17 million to cover inherited losses”
“Clydeside shipyards: Doomed — until the workers took over”, Tribune (Sydney), 22 September 1976, p. 5,

5) Regarding newspaper citations from Trove: The names of newspapers, their dates and page numbers are those cited by Trove; on rare occasions, the page numbers may be slightly incorrect (e.g. when other pages are missing or added to the sequence), and the names of newspapers may be slightly incorrect (e.g. in those instances when a newspaper has made a minor or short-lived change to its name). Sometimes the Trove citation may give the column title as the article title; in most cases, to avoid confusion, the column title has been retained, with the article title added.

6) Did the Canberra Times, as some sort of sick joke, compare gassing Jewish people to gassing feral ducks?
“the RSPCA protested at the decision of Adelaide City Council’s parks and gardens committee to use gas as the final solution to the infestation of the river Torrens with feral and hybrid ducks.” [editorial]
“Editorial”, The Canberra Times (ACT), 21 February 1988, p. 2,

7) One media article gave Senator Anning’s side of the story, but only after smearing him in the major part of the article; nonetheless, Fraser Anning’s words quoted in the article are worth repeating:
“When he was asked about using the Nazi term “final solution” in his speech yesterday, he said he “didn’t even think” about whether it would be offensive.
“All I said was the final solution to the immigration problem is a vote of the Australian people,” he said. “That has nothing to do with the ‘Final Solution’, the thought police got onto that.
“For everyone to take it out of context is a joke and try and shutdown debate.””

Ben Graham and Malcolm Farr, “‘While all Muslims are not terrorists, certainly all terrorists these days are Muslims,’ Senator Anning said”, Herald Sun, 15 August 2018

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