Media fraud over the phrase “final solution” and Fraser Anning: Section 1: News articles

Section 1: Selected Google News results, from 30 July 2018 to 27 August 2018.
[See the main article: Media bias, Senator Fraser Anning, and the phrase “final solution”.]

The attacks of the mainstream media upon Senator Fraser Anning, feigning “outrage” over the use of the phrase “final solution” in his maiden speech (14 August 2018), are great examples of journalistic bias, blatant hypocrisy, and manipulation by the media of the public in order to push their own anti-Western agenda.

The media claimed that the phrase “final solution” was a “Nazi phrase”, when — in fact — it is a common enough phrase used by all sorts of people, including journalists in the mainstream media. The pretence that the words “final solution” are purely and simply a Nazi phrase is simply just another media fraud — it’s just another example of Multiculturalist and Leftist journalists trotting out yet more fake news, in order to push their own anti-Western and Leftist political agenda.

Below are some examples of the media using the phrase “final solution”, gathered from Google News results, taken from the 30-day period surrounding Senator Fraser Anning’s maiden speech:

“Assam’s Finance Minister and firebrand BJP leader Himanta Biswa Sarma has categorically said that the government would try to strike a balance between the aspirations of the indigenous people of Assam and the humanitarian consideration of those who are left out while formulating the final solution to the issue of illegal immigration from Bangladesh, that has been the main political discourse in the state since independence.”
Ratnadip Choudhury, “”Completely Secular Process”: Himanta Biswa Sarma On Assam Citizens’ List”, NDTV [New Delhi Television], 30 July 2018 [New Delhi, India]

“What’s going on (that we can see) is that the league decided to go silent on the anthem until a final solution could be hashed out.”

Attorney for Kaepernick, Reid has been oddly quiet, now we know why

Gary Peterson, “Attorney for Kaepernick, Reid has been oddly quiet, now we know why”, The Mercury News, 31 July 2018 (updated 2 August 2018) [San Jose, California]

“The competition is intended that the final solution will protect multiple (up to ten) soldiers”
“New Competition: Take Cover!”,, 1 August 2018 [British Government]

“Gary Kobes, the airport manager for the Port, said reaching a final solution meant the Port agreed to take on responsibility if there are any environmental issues that pop up during construction.”
Edward Stratton, “Port of Astoria, Life Flight reach deal for new hangar”, The Daily Astorian, 8 August 2018 [Astoria, Oregon]

“The resolution before the committee last night would authorize intercity buses to use Green Street alongside TCAT, though it was quickly made clear that this was not a complete and final solution.”

City debates intercity buses on Green Street, ‘need for plan B’

Brian Crandall, “City debates intercity buses on Green Street, ‘need for plan B’”, Ithaca Voice, 9 August 2018 [Ithaca, New York]

“since the barge was not well-fitted for long-distance towing, a final solution came up this summer by using the newly built “Itarus” floating dock”
Thomas Nilsen, “Severodvinsk got rid of ship causing nuclear headache”, The Barents Observer, 11 August 2018 [Kirkenes, Norway]

“The Finance Ministry is in contact with banks and land developers as it seeks a final solution to the problem of trapped buyers who were duped into buying property built on land that its developer had previously mortgaged to the bank to get their Title Deeds.”

Final solution for trapped buyers?

Nigel Howarth, “Final solution for trapped buyers?”, Cyprus Property News, 12th August 2018 [Cyprus]

“However, making it clear that the document is no final solution, Rouhani said border delimitation would require further work and separate agreements, although the convention would serve as a basis for that.”
Olzhas Auyezov, “Russia, Iran, and 3 others agree Caspian status, but not borders”, Reuters, 12 August 2018 [UK]

“So while the document has shown some light at the end of the tunnel, it is no final solution.”
Christina Zhou, “Rich in oil, gas, and caviar: Five countries move to settle decades-long Caspian dispute — why now?”, ABC News, 13 August 2018 [Australia]

“vice president ‘Gen. (Retd)’ Kholi, in his speech on the occasion of 72nd Independence Day, has asserted that final solution to the Naga political issue “will come as and when God is pleased with us.””
“Various Naga political groups celebrate ‘Naga Independence Day’”, Nagaland Post, 14 August 2018 [Nagaland, India]

“This is not a final solution as connecting to an Internet connection itself creates an IP address which can be mapped geographically.”
Darab Mansoor Ali, “Tech Tip: How to Stop Google From Tracking You & Delete Past Trips”, The Quint, 14 August 2018 [India]

“what follows is a classic Agatha Christie puzzle of mixed motives and concealed identities, with Miss Marple on hand to provide the final solution just before the final curtain.”
“’A Murder is Announced’ auditions coming to Community Players”, Daily Sun, 16 August 2018 [Beatrice, Nebraska]

“Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, who wants the Serbia-Kosovo border to be reviewed, conceded that the entire western world saw Kosovo as an independent, sovereign and indivisible territory, but he also said that a final solution for Kosovo would not be found quickly.”
Julija Simić, “Serbia eyes Kosovo border review, opposed by Merkel”, Fondation Euractiv, 16 August 2018 [Belgium]

“Fort Worth city leaders on Thursday pushed toward a compromise to save the city’s troubled pension fund but it remained unclear exactly what the final solution would look like.”

Scott Gordon “Fort Worth Moves Toward Compromise on Pension Shortfall”, 16 August 2018 [NBC 5 – KXAS, Fort Worth, Texas]

“Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic
… added that he will not deliver “a plan for a final solution” to normalising relations between Belgrade and Pristina “because it does not yet exist”.”
Maja Zivanovic, “Serbian President to Visit Kosovo in September, Balkan Insight, 17 August 2018 [Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, Balkans]

“A monthly hormone injection could be the final solution to obesity” [article title]
“A monthly hormone injection could be the final solution to obesity”, South Coast Sun, 17 August 2018 [South Africa]

“The final solution will probably remain under wraps until the season opener.”
David Ginsburg, “Ravens adjustment to Smith suspension a work in progress”, The New Jersey Herald, 22 August 2018 [New Jersey, USA]

“The system, currently dubbed “translational acoustic-RF communication” (TARF), is far from a final solution to the communication problem but Adib believes this latest work represents a significant “milestone,” in water-air communications.”
Jessica Miley, “Water-Air Communications Barrier Broken by MIT Researchers”, Interesting Engineering, 23 August 2018

“The final solution will probably remain under wraps until the season opener.”
Associated Press, “Ravens adjustment to Jimmy Smith suspension a work in progress”, NBC Sports, 23 August 2018 [USA]

“The activities of the groups will need to be reigned in till a final solution comes forth, said security experts, and that task is largely going to remain on the shoulders of the new CFMG chairman.”
Namrata Biji Ahuja, “Lt Gen Shokin Chauhan appointed CFMG chairman”, The Week, 23 August 2018 [Kerala, India]

“However, that wasn’t the final solution for Sears, who has two allergic children.”
Gail Levy, “Nationwide shortage of EpiPens”, WJHG, 23 August 2018 [channel 7, TV News, Panama City Beach, Florida]

“Mind you, while a number of facts are still secret, there may be no final solution.”
“Horoscope Today, August 25, 2018: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricon, Aquarius, Pisces”, The Indian Express, 24 August 2018 [Uttar Pradesh, India]

“You end up needing to solve a few quadratic equations. But it’s all doable on paper, and the final solution is pretty cool.”

How Many Hoops Will Kids Jump Through To Play Rock, Paper, Scissors?

Oliver Roeder, “How Many Hoops Will Kids Jump Through To Play Rock, Paper, Scissors?”, FiveThirtyEight, 24 August 2018

“A plastic cuvette was used for measuring an aliquot of the final solution of each batch.”
“Microfluidic Synthesis of Monodisperse Silver Nanoparticles”, AZoNano, 25 August 2018 [Manchester, UK]

“multiplicity of bridges is not the final solution to the challenges motorists are facing”

Carter, Eko Bridges for integrity test after Third Mainland

Kehinde Olatunji, “Carter, Eko Bridges for integrity test after Third Mainland”, The Guardian, 25 August 2018 [Nigeria]

“The chief minister said the Prime Minister had asked the team to trust him and that the Centre would consult the state government if the final solution is “detrimental” to Manipur’s interests.”
Ngangbam Indrakanta Singh, “Biren Singh assurance to take all along”, The Telegraph, 26 August 2018 [India]

“we would like to propose a final solution, which combines all the traffic reducing measures, both tried and untried.”
Tito F. Hermoso, “Odd-Even and HOV: The Mother of all Coding”,, NAIAX, 27 August 2018 [Quezon City, Philippines]

“the real fight is an effort to allow electric utility companies to include money from their customers in the final solution for cash damages when companies’ equipment is involved.”
John Myers, “’There was an authenticity’ in John McCain”, LA Times, 27 August 2018 [Los Angeles, USA]

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